Thursday, February 2, 2012

-Green- WithOUT Envy...

I think my obsession began when I was scouting colors that would look great blocked with my Steve Madden Maskow platforms in coral.

When I did the post that referenced such, I explored the color green as an option...
Preferably in trousers, which can be styled in a NUMBER of ways.
Yep! As I recall, that's when it became my business to find a pair.
Two weeks ago I went on a web shopping spree and I Googled "green slacks."
I went to the shopping link of said search and Lo and Behold, there they were in all their glory...


Annnnnnnnnnnnnd at the low price of a little over $19 bucks...around $25 with shipping & handling...
I snatched them up SO FAST!


They sat locked in the office of my apartment complex until yesterday, then I bought them home.
I was going save them until next week...but I remembered what I was advised by other style bloggers; Wear what you want, WHEN you want...


They are right.
It's absolutely ludicrous to save clothes you just bought for the "right occasion..." Within reason of course...


I am willing to admit I compile an entourage of outfits just for a specific occasion; like going out to a nightclub...Yes, I still enjoy nightlife and am not burned out by it yet.   
Large Gold Hoops: Beauty Supply
Gold Watch: New York & Company
Gold Bangles: Wal-Mart
Pewter Tribal-Print Tee: American Eagle Outfitters [$10 tee/tank sale]
Skinny Snake-print Belt: Wal-Mart
Green Twill Slacks: Lilly & Van via [buy them here in green &/or white]
Retro Faux Suede Tan Peep-toe Wedges: Cato's Fashions


--I'm Out!


  1. love the slacks!!!

  2. That color is so vibrant! Looks good on you! Love it with the jean jacket. And I see that snakeskin belt peeking out! Very well put together!

    I too am guilty of putting together outfits to wear on a later date. I have a pair of white slacks that I'm currently doing that very thing. I think I might break them out now! =D

  3. Girl! !! Wear those pants! I'm anxious to see how you rock them!

  4. The color is PERFECT!!!!! *CUTE*