Sunday, March 4, 2012

My Day in Pictures: White Hot...

The Look


Never did I ever fathom in my mind that I would have the gumption to wear some white skinny jeans.

I did dawn the first pair of white slacks last spring I had worn in a Long Time...

But white skinnies...Not I...


That's until Forever 21+ came out with some recently.

And I made a silent dare to myself to try a pair on.


They looked great.

So two weeks after doing so, I bought them.

I deemed them as "weekend jeans."

But I think with the right combination, white skinnies can TOTALLY be work apprpriate.


Why not mayne?

The Eats

At 3pm in the afternoon, I found myself reacting to a craving Cinnamon French Toast from Cracker Barrel...

To my utter shock, they took it off the menu.

Thus I had this instead.


I am happy to report I only had 1 1/2 of the three pancakes I ordered.

The rest I carried out...

That and I ordered some dinner to go while I was at it.

Other Stuff

I made a silent promise to myself to make more of an effort to care for my hair.

That entails washing it between trips to the salon.

I figured I'd kill multiple birds with one stone by going to Wal-Mart.

Smart Style was packed so while I waited I had a polish change done on my nails & toes...

I recently acquired the OPI minis for the Holland Collection and Nicki  Minaj's Collection as well.


I settled on Nick's OPI color "Pink Friday..."


I love it against my skin...

Large Gold Hoops: Beauty Supply

Denim Top: Old Navy

White Skinny Jeans: Forever 21+

Peanut butter Carry-All: Marshall's

Leopard Loafers: Qupid via Lu Lu's [I want some with a more defined leopard print though]

Pedicure Friendly Snake Print Sandals: Old Navy


  1. You go'head with your white skinnies!! They look great on you! The color combo is so right!! Love the leopard flats with this look.

    I have yet to break out my white pants. I don't have any white skinnies... yet!

    Breakfast is good, no matter what time it is. I love it for dinner.

  2. I need your leopard pumps for these jeans! Saw some on clearance at Target last night...Wrong size though..Boooooo

  3. Love you white and leopard look! I just did that nail polish previously! The food makes me hungry :)

  4. The WHITE Skinnies are FAB!!!!

    Now, after looking at that FOOD I'm all of a sudden HUNGRY.COM!!!! LOL!!!!

    ~Cute POLISH