Saturday, March 10, 2012

Short Hair Don't Care...

Hair Talk...
With the stresses of life over-taking me on a DAILY basis, I was beginning to feel like I'd lost my edge.
The last time I felt like I had such a thing was with short hair...
In my mind, (and yes I know it is ALL in my head), my outfits were more creative when my coif was significantly less lengthy.
So, the fever overtook me & I did it...
Disposed of my long wefts, relaxed my hair, & cut it off...
I love the cut...I'm working with the style...
I used a different stylist and even though she has wisdom in her craft,
Which was useful in giving me a good foundation,
She lacked the creativity it takes to create some of today's looks...
I normally don't even take a style book in to a hair appointment...but I didn't want to chance not getting the cut I wanted.
Anyway, I played with it and went with the natural side part my hair insisted upon giving me, (probably because that's how it was parted before) ...
It's doable.

Gold Hoops and Matching Watch: New York & Company
Gold Ring: Charlotte Russe
Sheer Cobalt Baby-doll Top: Express
Black Knit Leggings: Wal-Mart
Tangerine Satin Pointed-toe Flats <3: Express


  1. Very cute!!

    I love the hair, and the pop of color the shoes add to the outfit. It looks very comfy and cute!!

  2. Thanks...that's what I was going for.

  3. Cute hair!! Love the cut!! I find that sometimes changing stylists is necessary because they can get caught in a rut of cutting everyones hair the same.

    That watch caught my eye too! NICE!!

  4. I love the way she cut it, just not how she styled it... I feel like my hair looks like the 1990's version of the Halle Barry...
    I do like that she deep conditoned my hair, used QUALITY products, and used curling wax instead of spritz to seal the style in.
    But when I start back working out, my hair will melt and I will have to go get it done every week.
    But the pudginess I ahve accumulated will be gone.
    I do like my hair short though.

  5. Oh yeah, Ticka, I wear that watch all the time :)...