Sunday, March 18, 2012

Pajama Chic...


Even though I don't comment on all the posts I read...I DO READ THEM.

I like to reframe the use of the word lurker, to quiet observer...

Un huh!

A recent post I read by Personal Style Blogger, Khia, showcased pajamas on the red carpet. ...Read It Here.

Thus, when this shirt-dress came a few months ago, that's what I thought when I tried it on...


"Over-sized sleep shirt."

Even down to the slightly lowered rounded hem in the back.


I didn't have the heart to send it back from whence it came, so in my closet it went.

Today I started not to wear it, but I did so to run some errands.


I got so many compliments!

 I will be bringing my over-sized sleeping shirt out more, perhaps to wear while having drinks with the girls.

Rose Gold Earrings: Cato's

Rose Gold Watch <3: New York & Company

Turquoise Shirt-Dress:

Metallic Belt: New York & Company

Peanut butter Carry-All: Via Marshall's

Blush Wedges: Wet Seal




  1. This is one of my fave outfits of yours I always wanted a shirtdress but never found one I quite liked!

  2. Thank you ma'am! I have to Stop myself from buying shirt dresses! I love the style cause it works so well with my shape.

  3. Very cute!! I wouldn't have thought of the pajama trend if you hadn't mentioned it. Now THAT'S how you rock a trend! I will have to try a skinny belt with my shirt dresses. I usually go for the big/chunky belt.

    Love that shot of the back of your hair! Very nice!

  4. Ticka, to tell you the truth I just buy a lot of things because its something I LOVE. I've wanted to order one of the fabulous dresses on for a while and this one cuaght my eye. They have a coral one, but since I have MANY coral pieces from last season, I got the tourquise. Then when it came and I tried it on, I LITERALLY thought it looked like something in the sleepwear section in Wal-Mart. But I loved it. When I saw Khia's blog, and put this dress on again, I thought about how it looked like pajamas once more! I have a lot of stuff that just happens to be trendy, but I bought it before I even knew what trend category it fell under. Then I see some stuff that's hot right now, like leopard, and how it can be styled and I am both intrigued and inspired. I absoluetly LOVE skinny belts! They just add that extra something to stuff witout being overpowering...Thank you for your continued support! I appreciate all of my readers more than you all know!