Wednesday, March 14, 2012

GREEN Light!


The Primaries...

When I was trying to wake up today, I remember thinking; "You owe it to yourself to bring it today."

So I did.
I've wanted to wear this top since I bought it but wasn't sure how to style it to make a STATEMENT.

I've been seeing color blocking with primary colors all over the web, but never tried it.

I had even forgotten about these cobalt jeans I scored quite some time ago.


I was going to accent with my leopard loafers and gold jewels, but during my tedious search for them, I came across these patterned shoes from the other side of the jungle...

So to speak.

Of course I thought of silver accessories and instantly after that thought, I reached for my silver-faceted beaded necklace I recently acquired and some almost identical earrings I've had for some time now.042

I came across them after was unable to find some silver studs.

Looking at my jewelry pair and the shoes with the bag, it's obvious that I love finding pieces that are almost identical at different stores!

Large Faceted Silver Earrings: Beauty Supply

Large Faceted-Beaded Silver Necklace: The Avenue

Primary Green Button-Down Tunic: Forever 21

Cobalt Skinnies: New York & Company

Snake Print Tote: Guess via Ross

Zebra Print Flats: Cato's

A POP of WHITE for good measure...even thought it wasn't seen under my long shirt, it felt good just knowing it was there....


  1. You brought it! The colors are hitting!! Love that you paired it with the zebra print shoes. I'm on the look out for zebra print shoes.

  2. Thank you! Still on the hunt for some bomb leopard pumps!

  3. U look great with the pattern/color block look!

  4. Thank you! You are so sweet for coming by!