Tuesday, March 13, 2012

My Life unPhotoshopped!

What you see is what IT IS!

I read a soul blog this weekend that reminded me of my posts back in the day before I started fashion blogging.

Even though the blog itself impacted me, one of the comments REALLY caught my attention.


The commenter's main premise was the "Photo-Shopped Life."

People who create these lives that seem too good to be true.

People who portray their lives to be a certain way to try to cover up who they really are...like who they really are is not good enough.

People who use their blog as a vehicle to outdo the next person, when really, they and the people they are competing against are all doing the SAME THING...Maybe different versions...But, the same idea.


My life is not perfect.

It's actually a process...Events strategically pieced together to grow me and propel me to the next level.

But, it wouldn't be my life if it didn't involve struggle...if it didn't involve growth...if it didn't involve things that were uniquely defined by and created for me.


The things that the commenter said were humbling.

They reminded me to remember why I put myself out there like I do.

It's not for the acknowledgement I get...It's for me.

Any other person that notices is icing on the cake.

Earrings: Cato's

Gold Watch: New York & Company

Light Denim Shirt: Target

Tribal Belt: Rue 21

Tan Slacks: Marshall's

Studded Red Heels: Charlotte Russe

On my nails: Essie's "Meet Me at Sunset..."

"Be Authentic....Only YOU know what that is."




  1. Thank you...for reading and writing.

  2. I read that post as well and I had mixed feelings. While I got the premise of what the poster was saying I never think about what others really have going on in their lives outside of what they are wearing (I personally think it's nosey), I still have yet to see the competition that a lot of bloggers post about (and maybe that's because I don't follow enough yet). I come to blogs for fashion inspiration and to inspire others but I don't honestly care if others are perfect, or about anything going on in their personal lives unless they are specifically posting for advice or help. As you stated we are all doing the same thing and nothing is new under the sun so we are all copycats to an extent from old school looks. It's up to us to put our own spin on outfits and not shop straight off the mannequin. Loveeeeeeeeeee the pants and this entire look. It's very classic chic!

  3. Style: You know how you just discern some things? Thats the vibe I get from reading some BLOGS or just being around some people in general. I guess I'm hypersensative to certain things from being unpopular/teased in high school. And that's why I root for the underdog too. I just naturally gravitate towards authentic, grounded people. A person can be authenticlly a HOT Mess and we would NOT get along. Or a person can be authentically levely-headed and we'd probably get along. I too enjoy reading/viewing other bloggers for the things I can learn from them. But I do sense an undertone of something that I wouldn't naturally gravitate toward when I read some people's blogs... all I can do is make sure I am being authentic and portray who I really am...I would be doing myself a disservice not to! I mean I DO LOVE the feedback I get on my blog. I look for it. But I started blogging because it makes me feel good...

  4. Oh Yeah Style, thankyou for reading and commenting on my BLOG...