Sunday, May 6, 2012


Domestic Me:

These  pictures I'm posting are ones I took during the latter part of the work week, because I have been so busy. ...Just living. But busy none-the-less...

I got this domestic kick in the pants and have been cooking, including grilling.

I FINALLY bought a waffle-maker and this was my creation for breakfast this morning.


Sexy Right?

The only thing is I tried a sugar-free mix that I absolutely did not like.

...Tasted like cardboard.

The sugar-free syrup was quite tasty though.

My next culinary adventure will be to recreate this amazing pasta dish I had a few weeks ago.

On to the 'Fit:

When I was getting dressed, I was looking for an outfit that was cool, but comfortable.


Gray tees ALWAYS fit the bill for comfort for me.

And while looking in the skirt section of my closet, I went on and grabbed this skirt.


The outfit, to me, needed a pop of color so I added my never-been-worn yellow beads and matching peaked-shaped studs.


It wasn't until later that I spotted these color-blocked heels.

When I bought them, many moons ago, I had no Idea what I was going to do with them...

Throwing them on with different looks has been an eye-opening experience for me.

Can you tell that I love them?


Yellow-Peak-shaped studs: Forever 21

Yellow Long-Strand Necklace: The Avenue

Gray Tee: Forever21

Ikat Print Skirt: Old Navy

Coral-Blocked Pumps: Mall Boutique


  1. You hit cool and comfortable right on the nose. That skirt is too cute, and I love the heels!

  2. I love the grey and pink together, those heels are HOT!

  3. Awee shucks! Thank you ladies!