Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Oftentimes I have to do a self-check to assess where I am in several areas of my life...I ask myself; Where are you rignt now? Are you happy? What would make you happy? And, what are you willing to do to change?
Looking at my most recent pictures, I know I have gained weight.


I saw it happening week after week and it's like I couldn't stop myself from eating the foods that contributed to packing on the pounds.
Now I am at the largest weight for my size...a 14.
But you know what...I love myself enough to press restart and DO SOMETHING about it.


I can't let myself go because I don't feel comfortable doing so.

...ANNNNNNNd I care about how I look.


When I look in the mirror and smile every morning, (and strike different poses), I know I have created a look that I can be proud of.
So, even though I am thicker, I still love myself.


And part of doing that is knowing when to press the Restart Button...

Gold Hoop Earrings: Cato's Fashion
Gold Watch: New York & Company
Orange and Metallic Beaded Necklace:  Target
Peach Tee: Express
Navy Sailor Trousers: Jones New York Via Marshall's (Amazing find at $9.99+ tax)
Coral Patent Pumps: Forever21


  1. I love your confidence in this post...and I love the honesty even more.
    You may have gotten thicker and may not be satisfied about how you look...but to me you look great. I am a size I guess it could be!
    Great post, and you look great no matter what you do..

  2. Those high-waisted pants are EVERYTHING!! Nice touch of color with the pumps too!

    Lets press the restart button together!! ;) I love your perspective. Loving yourself enough to be honest and do something about the things that you want to change... that's a fantastic message.

  3. Ladies when I first moved here I soooo motivated! And I will do that for about three months and then relapse or backslide into poor eating habits until I can see it in my problem areas. And before I see it, I can feel myself expanding. It makes me uncomfortable and weight gain due to my own slacking off is not acceptable. I want to be able to pull off a garment without shapewear. Some ladies swear by it. For me personally With self discipline eventually I can earn the body I want.