Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Bright & Cheerful...


I can't help it.

When I'm shopping and I see a piece, I get inspired.

Believe it or not, the inspiring piece was a lemon and white striped top I only got for 6 BUCKS!

I peeped another personal style blogger mixing red and yellow together and I have been looking for the perfect top to showcase my interpetation of that look, ALMOST, ever since... (I felt compelled to find some nice red pants first).

Thus, when I saw this tee, I instantly knew what I was going to wear it with. That's a personal triumph for me folks!

I loved this look.

I felt it was Cheerful...


Creative, (as I have always thought of crimson slacks to be reserved for cooler months)...


And Energetic!


I even played around with the look layering with my light denim jacket.

However, since it was so hot today, the jacket was left behind.

I loved this look with my new bag as well.


I thought white was the perfect color to accent, but I didn't want it to overpower...Hence the gold watch (I'm a bit of a Stigler for matching jewels, so I went with the gold timepiece to match the rim of my studs).


Two amazing outfits in a row!

Can I outdo myself tomorrow?

We shall see...

Heart Stud Earrings: Brash by Payless

Lemon and White Striped Tee: Old Navy

Gold Watch: New York and Company

White Belt: Wal-Mart

Red Slacks: New York and Company

White "Jesus" Sandals: Payless (& they are OH SO COMFY!)
What was the last thing you wore that lifted yor spirts?


  1. You are making me want to shop! lol!

    Love the slacks! The addition of the denim jacket made me go, "Alright now!!" =D

    1. I know girl...its a problem for me too...
      Thanks for your support and your wonderful compliments

  2. Love the pants...cute!


    1. I love New York & Co's pants.
      They fit my curves so well!
      Thanks and welcome to My Aura.