Monday, April 30, 2012

How to Dress a Tank Dress...


I am  Back...Full Force! With my first outfit post with my Nikon.

I must admit, I miss Cannon's self-timer that shoots up to 10 frames.

But I am loving the quality of the pictures for the price. Annnnnnnnnnnnnnd I SO recommend getting the Best Buy product least one year! It came in handy for me. I was DETERMINED to take outfit pics.

I was so EXCITED that I picked out and tried on the outfit I am wearing the night before!

I actually started formulating this look this weekend when I purchased some of the elements of this look in-store.

But I digress.

A New Discovery

A while back on a post where I was still taking photos on my patio; I photographed myself in a racer-back dress with my bra straps showing. ... I received some feedback, privately of course, from a reader that suggested I shouldn't do such.

I tucked that suggestion in my back pocket.

It wasn't until I was in The Avenue buying a piece of their FABULOUS jewelry that I found these...


Annnnnnnnnnnnd they were marked down...I think I may have paid $3.00 for them, if that...

I used one of these nifty contraptions to hide my bra straps beneath the dress I was wearing today.

I used the wider gaited clip today.



I must admit, I use my straps to raise the cups of my bras to the highest height for optimal lift.

When using these babies, that is a no, no.

1. It's ideal to start with the strap extended out to its full length, then raise after the device has been inserted onto your bra straps. I found that I couldn't shorten my straps once my bra became more racer-back friendly.

2. Also I am one who has to put my bras on with the hooks facing in front of me and the turn the bra around.  I suggest doing so when putting the device on your bra straps. Then turn the bra with the cups facing the correct way and gently slide the straps on your arm.

Or, if you are fortunate enough to have a significant other or someone to help you, this might be even better.

The Results

No straps showing...seee!



Also as  you can see, I did some subtle pattern-mixing with this blazer.


The dress is striped and the blazer has some pin-striped detailing that adds a little something wonderful to this look.

I found it while shopping my closet a while back.  It was actually part of a set that I had stopped wearing, but didn't have the heart to get rid of.
Glad I didn't.

And these shoes, the PERFECT black flat in my eyes! I just LOVE pointed toe flats...


They're a great compromise to heels!

I felt so professionally clean-cut today...
Heart-Shaped Stud Earrings: Brash by Payless

Pin-Striped Blazer: Worthington by JC Penny

Black & White Nautical Tank Dress: Old Navy

Pink Belt: Amazing find from Marshall's

Black Pointed-Toe Flats: Old Navy

Stark White Carry-All: Baker's Shoe Store


  1. Don't you just love constructive criticism? Great solution!!

    I'm going to have to look for that dress at Old Navy. I really like that on you with the skinny belt! Very nice!