Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Color Pop


Caption: My sad attempt a Jazz Hands...LOL!

I must admit.
I was NOT a fan of color-coated skinny jeans when they first came out.
To me, they were too teeny-bopperish.
…And then…My idea of a go-to skiny jean was the dark denim.
I must admit.
I STILL do have a thing for dark denim jeans.
They are so versatile.
…And I have a THING for versatility in clothes.
But when I saw these fuchsia jeans in Forever 21 (Plus), I urged myself to try them [and a dark gray pair, and a black pair that I recently took back …but that’s another story for another day].
At any token, they were initially tagged in my wardrobe as a weekend jean.
Ok, so why did I find myself wearing them to work today?

First of all, I thought today was Thursday. I guess this was wishful thinking on my part.
My work wardrobe get’s increasingly casual as it gets closer to the weekends.
Secondly, I was going to wear the jeans with all black up top to tone the color down a bit…
Can you say BORING?!

And HOT.

Imagine wearing black when its 90-100 degrees out.
I can’t….Well, at least not Today!

So I opted for something different.

I like what I came up with.


Ya’ll know how I tried on those clothes last weekend but left them in the store?
Today on my lunch break, I POUNCED on them like a hyena would a crippled zebra.  
Oh yes folks, I was on a mission.

And guess what I grabbed?

Blue Hollywood
And This:
Hawaiian Shirt
The blue dress and the shirt combined was a little over $20.
I also saw a button-down I previously bought  for full price on clearance today.
I’m a receipt-saver, [cause you just nevvvvvvvvvver know].
And I still got the tags on it! I will be returning it this weekend to get the difference of the full price.
I might use that difference to purchase a cute cardi…or some shoes…or something I see and like.
That folks, is how it’s done.

Today's Outfit:
Earrings: Charming Charlie's
Necklace: Shi (Shoestore Like Baker's by Journey's Shoes)
Light Denim Jacket: Old Nvay
Gray V-Neck: The Gap's "Perfect Tee"
Fuchsia Skinny Jeans: Forever 21+
Multi-Colored Ruffled Flats: Shi

Goodbye Ole Dude

I wanted to call my best guy friend and tell him, but he wasn’t available.
So I’ll just write it.

Ole Dude, [yeah him…from more than a few BLOGs back] called.
YES this is an event for me because:
  1. I rarely get to write something like that as it is

  1. I’m ‘bout ready to swear off dating for a while. OFFICIALLY!

With that being said, I was astonished when my phone rang at almost a quarter ‘till 8 and it was him.
In my brief history with him, NEVER has he EVER contacted me that early in the morning…
From that number.
“What are you doing calling me so early?”
Timidly, “I’m missing you.”
I laughed so loud and so hard…I seriously did.
“What do you want?”
“I’m thinking of coming to________ …can I stay with you?”
“No! I don’t feel comfortable with that. Don’t you have some friends you can stay with?”
Silence…*cricket chirp*…
“You don’t feel comfortable?”
‘Well can I see you when I get there?”
“Call me when you do and if I’m NOT BUSY, we’ll see.”
“Is this a number I can reach you at? I gotta get to work.”
“Yes…” Thinks a minute…then back-peddles …”Well this is my office phone.”
“Well that means I can’t reach you here. …Goodbye [Ole Dude].”

And the sad thing is, he doesn’t even see anything wrong with that conversation.

“Are you who the person you want to be with, would want to be with?”
-Pastor  Andy Stanley

The End


  1. Looking smaller Ms. Tammie :) Love the outfit as always! and touche..GOODBYE OLE DUDE!