Thursday, August 11, 2011

Fear of Fire...

I’m up past my bedtime but I just wanted to share what I just did.
Let me back up.
Before I moved here, I was doing The Insanity Workout with my colleagues at my old job.
I’m not going to lie, the workout was challenging.
In all my years, it has probably been the hardest I’d ever worked out.
But, it has also been the most rewarding.
I recently had my boss put P90X on my computer to try it out.
I pumped myself up to do it and even swore I would buy a HDMI cord so I can do the workouts from my flat screen.
Did I do this?
The files still sit on my computer…unused.
About two weeks ago I saw an infomercial about TurboFire.
I didn’t totally engage in what was on TV, but I DID type the name of the workout in my Google Search Engine.
When I saw the price of the set of DVDs was SIGNIFICANTLY different than what they were asking for on TV, I saved the website in my favorites.
I vowed when I got paid, I would buy the set.
After paying bills today, $70 seemed a lot to sacrifice, even if it was a 70% price cut from the regular price.
I looked on and they had the set listed at a higher price than the website.
Some of the sets were USED and they still were high priced!
No Thank You!
I looked on youtube to see what I was thinking about getting myself into.
Sure enough, they had videos of the infomercial, demos of actual TurboFire classes, and a few people that vouched for the program in their own little ways. One lady videotaped herself doing TurboFire.
After seeing the work-out, fear and doubt set in.
1.       It’s been about 3 weeks since I’ve worked out in the mornings.
2.       It’s been longer since I’ve attempted an EXTREME workout.
3.       What if I can’t do it? What if the workouts make my flat feet ache, (which has been an issue with me in the past)
Let me just say, (while it’s on my mind), EXTREME workouts are a new trend now-a-days.
They are the new TaeBo.
You remember when Billy Blanks first came out with TAEBO and folks had never seen ANYTHING like that and they weren’t used to working out like that, so it was hard?
Same thing.
But I am intrigued.
I got bored with my workout routine and honestly it’s because I feel I need more of a challenge.
It’s like a video game.
Your attention to such a thing is INTENSE, until you beat it…then the urgency for playing it diminishes.
I mean, you might play it again after you beat it to see if you doing so was just a fluke.
But afterwards, (especially after beating it multiple times), the game becomes less interesting…and it’s on to the next.
Even though I could barely get through the EXTREME fitness game with Insanity (but was on the cusp of feeling less fatigued and developing, more stamina), it gave me a goal to reach.
Sometimes that goal was just to get through the workout, let alone performing all the moves at full capacity.
And because you go at it so hard, you do see results quicker.
I’ve wanted to do this for so long…
But fear of failure STOPS me.
What if it doesn’t work?
What if I gain it all back?
It’s time to just do it and worry about the rest later.
So needless to say, I ordered the TurboFire workout.
Instead of $70 I got mine for $50 on
…Brand new at that.
But with these types of work-outs, you have to prepare.
My Biggest Looser workout was giving me the most grief, so guess what I have a date with Monday at 5am…?
Un huh!


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