Sunday, April 29, 2012

Hey...I'm Alive!

I was in process of looking for an apartment.
I saw some places that made my heart go pitter patter. ...But broke it at the same time when I calculated the total cost of living there.
This and talking to my mom made me just give up and consider giving myself more time to look.
To tell you the truth, when I saw what was out there, versus what I already have, it made me not want to move anymore.
I'd be completely happy with this place if it had better carpet...though.
Real Talk!
Maybe I can talk management into putting in better flooring when I sign a new lease.
In other news, I have finally bought a new camera!
I went with a Nikon Cool Pix S8200...


I had another model that looked more "professional" but it took batteries!
I'm used to a rechargeable battery, so that was a deal-breaker for me.
I tried taking some pics inside before I took it back and it took some good shots from what I can tell on the screen.
That's what made me stick with the Nikon name.




 These were taken with the new cam...pretty fresh huh?
When I got my hair done Friday, I cut it shorter.

Recently Updated
 To me, it makes it look more grown-up.

[Gotta love my heart studs in the center pic that are also a new acquisition!]

I found a stylist that seems to actually believe in customer care and protective styling.
For relaxed hair, this entails keeping it hydrated by limiting the use of heat and harsh chemicals.
Of course I have been shopping, acquiring new things here and there.
I bought this wonderful stark white bag at Bakers!


I have been looking for a white bag FOREVER!
I mean, I thought the fringe bag I showcased before was really trendy.
But it was not really my style.
This bag is!
I LOVE the silver hardware and the ostrich-print details!
I also found a boat-load of Neon Nail Polish!


I love colors that POP for the summer and these spoke to me!
They are from Rue 21 and from what I could tell, they are fabulously thick...[The saleslady at my local store modeled the marbled-purple color for me & I tested some of the brighter shades on a strip of paper...]
Not dull like some neon polishes that make your nails look like they've been colored with a highlighter.
With a 40% off coupon, I got all of these colors for $9.00.
Currently on my nails I am wearing OPI's Gargantuan Green Grape. this point I am chilling...waiting for the demise of my weekend and back to business as usual.


  1. Heeeeeeeyyyyyy!!!! Been looking for your resurgence. lol! Glad you found a new camera! The pics came out nice. You'll find a place that suits you as well as your pockets if you still want to move. I have faith! =D

    Cute hair!

    1. Thank you Tika! I plan on staying put for another 6 months, then trying it again...maybe!

  2. loveeeeeeeee the clarity of these pics!!!

  3. Me too! Can't wait to do an outfit post!