Sunday, April 15, 2012

"...Missing You Insane ..."

-Frank Ocean (for the widely known -Beyonce's "I Miss You.")
An Ode to my fallen camera and style blogging in general.
It was been approximately two weeks since my mighty camera had fallen and I took it to be repaired.
The store decided to total it out and give me credit for a new one. ...Thus, there will be a delay before I can post outfits again.
...And, I MISS IT.
When I get up in the morning, I have to remind myself to put together great looks, even if I'm not documenting them.
And I have been dressing well, if I do say so myself.
Fashion Blogging has become a part of my identity...something that I miss when I'm not able to engage in it.
But, my cell phone pics, as blurry as they are, will have to do. Not to mention product pics.
I decided to treat myself to some retail after I completed my close-to-200 question take-home test this afternoon.
The torture is not over as I have to do a paper as well.
I'm beginning to resent this task.
So, after spying some blazers at, I decided to breeze into my local store to maybe check them out in person.
I was pleasantly surprised to find SO many great pieces in the flesh today!
I couldn't help but to try a few on.
First and Foremost I was utterly intrigued by a Fuchsia Blazer by Apostrophe.
I couldn't find a picture of the EXACT Apostrophe Brand blazer on the Sear's website,, but I found one similar under the brand Name UK Style by French Connection.
The jacket is linen, which is a perfect spring fabric, (oh so breathable), and the arms of the jacket are ruched. I notice it is a trend to roll up the arms of blazers, jackets, and the like to create a 3/4 sleeve silhouette. Well, this jacket already has that built in.
I will be going back for the black one too.
& it came in cobalt in-store as well.
Sears is all the rave with their Kardashian  Kollection which has been out for some time now.
I saw some exotic pieces that were right on trend for Spring.
I LOVED this pant suit for a versatile from work to happy hour look.
It did not love me though.
It was too long and the elasticized waist was wayyyyy above where my natural waistline falls.
So unflattering.


I would have loved to wear it to work with this blazer though and some metallic accessories would have pulled this look together quite nicely.


This color-blocked dress, also by the Kardashian's, did a little better with my figure.
(I did take notice that the right foundation would have helped, but since I was just trying the dress on, I let myself make it).

I thought the jacket added something special to this piece as well.
I could also imagine metallic pulling this look together nicely.

I did not end up buying the dress...I decided to save my wallet some despair.
Today was one of those days that I had to remember to dress like I was going to be photographing myself.
I shopped my closet and wore this extremely-long dress, cropped denim and my go-to sandals when I need to add some dimension and pizzazz to an otherwise basic outfit.

The neon on my nails & toes contrasted beautifully with the color of the dress.

It's Kleancolor's TLC...bought it two summers ago.
Who knew my love for bright polish in the summer would be mainstreamed and manifested into a trend?
Fast Forward to this evening...
I have finished my section of the  paper and now my partner and I are in the final stages of collaborating and combining our parts.
When we are done, the paper will be kick a$$! I am expecting an A!
To celebrate, I went to Old Navy, which is becoming my favorite STORE! Everything is so affordable and I can wear a lot of things! It's a win/win for me.
I wasn't even going to buy anything, but this dress caught me off guard.
I also stopped by Marshall's and ended up trying these on...


I normally don't do shorts, but I think I can make these work!
Afterwards I treated myself out to dinner.
I had a lovely time. And the food was delicious.
Camera roll6
Wedge Salad, Pasta, & Vanilla Bean Cheesecake...YUM!
So, I have narrowed it down to two cameras at Best Buy along with the store credit they gave me for the old one.
I have a price point in mind that I want to pay out-or-pocket for the camera and the service plan combined, then I will do regular posts.


  1. omgggggggg my camera fell and broke last week too :( I'm waiting on my new one to arrive in the mail... :( tears!!!!

  2. Maybe the cameras have formed an alliance against us and are committing photographic suicide...LOL! Or, it could be we are just clumsy...Thanks for stopping in to check on me!

  3. Nice to see you Tammie!! =D Sorry to hear about your camera, but I know you'll be back in full force soon. =D

    I haven't tried any of the Kardashian collection yet. The dress and the pantsuit were both cute. I liked the dress better. Those shorts are too cute! You can make'em work!

  4. You should try the Kardashian Kollection or Sears stuff in general. They have really stepped up their game lately! I used to detest Sear's clothes.