Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Wear Three Colors and Layer...

That has been my fashion rule of thumb since I can remember.

First of all I Love Color!
Gone are the days where I rock things that are the same print and in the same shade.
To me, mixing things up a little adds an interesting factor to my style.
…A Little Pizzazz!
Now, rules are made to be broken.
I don’t layer every day, [probably because its so fricken HOT], and I Most certainly don’t’ do the tri-color thing.
But more times than not, I do.
I notice in my wardrobe, I have a thing for either something with a BOLD and UNIQUE pattern or colors that POP out.
I do ESPECIALLY the latter because there are so many effects one can create with accessories [which I have TONS of].

I bought the shirt I’m wearing today to go with some AMAZING tri-colored shoes I bought a while ago.
The blush-pink was a PERFECT match!
I knew I was before the Trend buying these pumps because my favorite accessory store, [which is broken down by color] didn’t even have a match.
They had some things that I could have made work. But they were VERY few in number and not my style.
Then I got the idea to pull out one of the accent colors in the shoe instead of the main, pair them with denim trousers and a vest, and the rest was history.
I did find some wonderful accessories at another store that I could live with so I rocked them as well.
IMG_0971 IMG_0976
For a while I was on the hunt for a purple shirt to go with the heels…Never found it.
See how my clothes have history?
So today’s outfit covers some of my fashion philosophy.
Pink, brown, and white is the color Trio for today.

I must admit the look was SOLOELY dedicated to the shoes! For less than $15 they are sooooo comfy…to the point that I didn’t mind walking today. They have this insole bump in them that massages my feet in just the right way. I wish all my flats had this.
…Wish they had them in other [solid] colors.
Can’t wait to get a light denim or light blue button-down to dawn with them.  

I made the earrings I'm wearing work, but I thought some large pearls would have added a classier touch…
I know just where to get some too for next time.

Top: Charming Charlie’s (Accessory Store)
Brown Chambray Trousers: Melrose (Urban Fashion Store)
Pink Loafers: Target
Bangle and Earrings: Charlotte Russe
Ring: Wal-Mart


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