Monday, August 15, 2011


I was digging through my closet this weekend and I came across this dress.
I SWEAR to you its like NOTHING else I have in my CLOSET.
I tried it on.
…Not the figure-hugging frocks I usually dawn…but it was a keeper.
Even when I got it as a gift back in the day, it was about two sizes too big.
The next size down was too tight in the bust and hips, [story of my life].
Now, I bet the large would do just fine.
So when I was on the hunt this morning for something cute to wear to work today, I thought about this dress.
I belted it to give it some shape.
Stepped into some funky flats, [If I HAVE to wear ‘em, they might as WELL make a STATEMENT], and this look was (re)born.
I did cheat as far as not coming up with this attire concept off the top of my head this morning.
I played with the dress with different things I had in my closet on Saturday, and that’s when the look was born …Along with a few others.
I almost can’t wait ‘till it cools off some so I can dawn this dress with a (p)leather jacket and boots.
I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, I LOVE versatility in clothing.

Earrings: Sam Moon (Acessory Warehouse)
Dress: Old Navy
Leopard Skinny Belt: Pay Less
Leopard Flats: Forever21

And she left to go back to work BEFORE she got FIRED for being late from lunch.
The End…


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