Saturday, September 29, 2012

Boot Game on Deck!

 I just wanted to take some time to showcase some boots that I've purchased for the up-coming cold season.
As I was shopping, I could recollect the embarrassment I felt when my boss came in my office with a ruler and sent me home because my shoes were .5 inches from the recommended heel height.
As with all my shoes, I look for soles that play by the rules but have an heir of edge.
Kinda like sticking my middle finger up to the powers that be, or developing my own system within theirs...

These are my Babies from Target! They are perfect for print mixing, with leggings and a drapey top/over-sized sweater, colored skinnies or even with a maxi dress/skirt!
These were my First Purchase from ! They are perfection as they offer edginess with the glitter and stud details but the comfort of flat soles! I can imagine these adding an intetesting POP to a monochrome ensamble or an eccentric nuetral to some print-mixing as well...BTW they also come in black!
These are my FAVS from ! When I opened the box, literally fell in love...and the fit is AMAZING! I will be rocking these with my pencil skirts and blouses or even some floral/printed pants, a nice top and blazers. They can also go casual with leggings or jewel-colored skinnies as well!
These styles can be incorperated into one's wardrobe all year 'round... as they are ankle boots and they are flat.
As I rule for msyelf though, I generally wait until the weather in my state has cooled off some to consistently rock closed-toe shoes.
Like, these riding boots I purchased from The Avenue last weekend...

They are definately cool weather boots  in my mind!

I just love how they added a faux barnished-gold zipper for detail and then another zipper that's less noticible for funtionality! I also love how they don't have that typical "riding boot look" with a more almond-shaped toe and contrasted heel color.
And Here are some honorable mentions that I definitely have my eye on!
Christian Serrano for Payless...With the BOGO +15% off, these Babies Might be in my closet sooner rather than later!
Put them on with a black body con dress and some gold statement jewelry and you are DONE!
I swear the mintue I thought about red booties, these materialzed on the Forever21 website. For the price, they weren't bad. So they are being shipped as I type!
They also come in cobalt.
I saw these in the Alloy Catalog that came in the mail.
They are avalible on as well and are in other colors.
My only reservation is that they may not go up these massive calves of mine...Maybe I can cop some that are similar from the Avenue...
In other news, I got my hair cut shorter on my most recent visit to the salon.
I just love how short hair opens up my face and dramatizes my features!
My stylist never ceases to amaze me with the quality of work she puts out!
I can't wait to play around with more elements to make the style even more fierce!!!!!   


  1. Nice bootsssssssss I hate boots on myself tho so you will be seeing me in suede pumps but probably no boots like ever. Good thing is in my State it never really gets too cold anyway.

    1. I think you can do the boots with the silletto know the ones with the thin metal heel! I think you should try em!! Thank you for reading. I know you appreciated this post cause you love shoes like me!

  2. Super cute! The leopard boots & the knee boots from The Ave are my favorite!! I will have to look there because I'm currently on the hunt for wide calf boots as well. It's always so hard!

    Love your hair sis!! It's always nice to have a stylist that you can trust.

    OAN: Thank you so much for your comments on my blog! I appreciate you so much! Also, if you ever want a work-out accountability buddy… I'm your girl (I'm gonna need all the help I can get with the holidays coming up, ha)!

    1. Yes ma'am I discovered the Avenue last season and they always have amazing sales too. If you join their email list you get coupons...right now the have 30% off! (I should be getting paid for this but I digress)...You are welcome about the comments...I meant every word of it!!! I am slowly getting back on the horse with working out...5 days this week!

  3. I wish it would cool off in LA because I love all your boot picks!! I bought the leopard target ones.. such gems!!!!

  4. Aren't they fan! Shoes like that at that price make you feel lucky you found them! Thanks for reading!

  5. Ohhhhh the booties are EVERYTHING!!!!! Great picks!!!!!