Wednesday, January 2, 2013

"Another Rainy Day" ...

- Corrine Bailey Rae


I'm toying with the idea of going natural.

I just gave up on any remnants of straightening  my hair because:


One, I haven't had a relaxer on the colored portion of my hair in forever...
Two, I severely damaged the colored portion of my hair with excessive heat styling...
And Three, my excessive exercise makes it hard to keep my hair straight in the middle after my stylist does it using a flat iron.
Over my five-day break from work I actually took to the scissors myself starting with the very front of my head to see what it'd look like without my spilt straightened ends.
I hate thin, broken-off looking hair and I'd rather be near bald and have fullness than have a full head of stringy hair.
I like it...but I need a professional to blend it and make it presentable.
"I am NOT my hair" and will remain a sassy DIVA with or without it...I don't want to go completely bald.
But BIG CHOPPING keeps nudging me on the shoulder.
Plus the red in the front is still oh so sassy...So I shall keep it no matter if  I go au-naturale or back to the crack...
We shall see...
Multi-Stoned Earrings: Catos (barely visible, but if they were you'd see what a magnificent choice they were for this look)
Olive Utility Jacket: Forever 21+
Smart-looking Button-Down: Mashall's
Tan Belt: Stolen
Medium Washed Boot Cut "Long and Lean Jeans": The Gap
Fiery Red Faux Suede Booties: Catos
Fiery Red Carry-All: Catos (I was a set-up as they had the bag that matched these boots exactly...)
PS: I was thinking that this look needed a little leopard print...This umbrella was the pERFECt touch!
      Got it from a local grocery store on a rainy day a few weeks back...It stays in my car so I won't be trapped by inclement weather...



  1. Very cute look! Good luck with your hair journey!


  2. Gimme that UMBRELLAAAAAA!!!!! Also, I think you would look great with a BIG CHOP!!!!! Best wishes... O and Happy New Year!!!!!


  3. With your short pixie cut, I definitely could see you pulling off the natural look. As for me...I love the creamy crack and don't ever see myself going that way personally. Good luck with whatever you decide.

    Really cute outfit and my mom would love that umbrella!

  4. Love it!! Yes exercise definitely makes it hard to keep hair straight that's why my BSL healthy head of hair never sees the light of day smdh......#thestruggle

  5. Thank you all for the continued support and awesome comments!

  6. Let me just say that going natural was one of the best things that I've done for my workouts. I don't worry about my hair while I'm sweating like crazy, so I see where you're coming from.

    Your outfit is too cute! Love the laid back & comfy vibe. You tied it together nicely with the shoes and the bag too!!