Sunday, January 6, 2013



I had a productive weekend.

I paid some bills.

 ... Had a girl's day out with my friend and her teenage daughter.

 ... Shopped (duh).

 ... Saw "Django Unchained." These are the leading cast members!

 -Image courtsey of Django Uncahined Blog
... Engaged in some necessary self-care.


 ... Flirted.

... Ate barbeque.

 ... & gabbed on the phone with friends for over an hour combined.

I'd like to think that spending time on the weekend doing absolutely nothing is rejuvenating.

And it is ...

But breaking routine to do EVERYTHING possible can be just as invigorating as well.


I am ready to take on my week and all that it brings.

I really thought this look was hipster chic...

I loved the gray hues. Gray is easily becoming my favorite color. I didn't want to narrow it down to one...and for a long time I didn't. But I find myself having a kinship with the neutral hue and today I bathed myself in variations of it.


The fedora was love at first try-on...Now I can't keep it off my head! I want one in black and leopard as well.


My Mickey shirt is just playful enough not to be too stuffy, but has an aire of grown-folk swag as well. I wanted to dawn a cartoon shirt that didn't make me look 17. Mission accomplished.


...And my pants break the cohesiveness of the neutral tones with a SLPASH of color.


Blue is a good complement to gray and yellow, which is why the denim jacket and bag work with this outfit. Plus they add another element to the overall look without it being too busy!


I loved how cool and comfortable this look was...



Gray Fedora: Wet seal

Denim Jacket: Forever 21+

Mickey Tee: Target (men's section)

Bag: Dooney & Burke

Colored Cords: The Gap Outlet

Pewter Sparkle Flats: Catos



  1. Love this!! That Fedora is totally badass and I LOVED Django!

  2. Me too...Some of the annalytical levels it hit for me were intruguing.
    Thanks for your comments V!

  3. Cute! Love the hipster vibe! That Mickey Tee was perfect for the look!

    I really like Django too. It's sparked up some nice controversy. I guess most good movies do!

  4. Why yes it did...and did you notice some trademark characteristics in the film that made you think "Yup..yup..thats Quinten alright..." He has a nack for stirring the pot in Hollywood!

  5. BTW, I read your comment on my blog (thank you!!). I just wanted to say, I think it would be AWESOME-Sauce if you joined FB and became a part of the BLM group!! =D In addition to that, please participate in the weekly link-ups because I know you will be posting about your fitness/health journey along the way as well.