Monday, January 7, 2013




Last night I stopped by the mall to pick up some items I didn't get on Saturday.

Although I like the idea of shopping with others, it's that alone time where I find the best deals and the best pieces. Annnd I've found that your friends won't always like the stuff that you find AMAZING! If they're sweet, they'll cosign when you ask their opinion, and vice versa when it's your turn...But you can tell by the inflection in their voice that if it were up to them, they'd burn the item that you just picked out...And vice versa (at times) when it's your turn to give an opinion. I'm still perfecting that fine line between giving an honest opinion and discouraging a person's individuality. ...And sometimes, as someone's friend, you just can't let them make some fashion choices...Period.


Clothes are my armor. They shield me from evil and give me something to look forward to in situations where I feel attacked or isolated.

Clothes give me that extra UMPH! that tells adversity, "In your face!"


So when I spotted this blouse, I knew it had to be added to my collection. I am loving all things chiffon and button down...and the colors in this top are fabulous.


They make the piece oh so versatile.

I actually had a different look in mind for today, but I put this together at the last minute.


Blue & Orange are a favorite color combo of mine, I'm noticing. And when changing out my handbag, (for a second time this morning), I noticed the various colors of clutches in my collection that can be worn with this outfit...



And if you are wondering, yes those are purple socks peeking out from my heels. I changed to booties for work after my pics...

Wool Peacoat: Old Navy

Vibrant Chiffon Button-Down: Bisou Bisou via JC Penny

Navy Sailor Pants: Marshall's

Coral Pumps: Forever 21

Fiery Red Carry-All: Catos

Neon & Teal Clutches: Charming Charlie's & Wet Seal


When I woke up, I had every reason why I should not work out...But, when I stepped on the scale and saw the deficit...I wanted to keep that going. Yup!  That was all the motivation I needed.


  1. Looking great lady! You are working those high-waisted pants! Congrats on the scale deficit! I know how much that number can affect progress. Keep doing your thing!

    1. I am loving this outfit especially the colorful top!!

    2. Thanks Ticka...I feel GREAT!
      V, that means a lot!

  2. I love wide legged pants and these look good on you. I like that top, too. Girl, how many clutches do you have?! LOL I have seen a ton on your blog. Great outfit!

    1. I have quite a few that I've been collecting over the years. I try and catch them on sale and have even thrifted a few because they are usually special outing bags, not an every day bag...but ever since I bought my first Coach, I have become a self-proclaimed handbag whore! I love moderately-priced well-made purses!