Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Just Pose ...


In my small circle of readers, I have received complements on my poses.
I think the obsession with such a thing began with watching ANTM when it first came out.
The contestants were schooled and judged meticulously on how to be conscious about what they conveyed with their body during a shoot.
I'd actually practice in front of a mirror...I still strut around my full-length looking glass to this day when I'm feeling a look I've put together.
Of course, when I'm doing pics for an outfit post, I just go there.
Sometimes my body conveys just what I want it to...and sometimes it doesn't cooperate.

I  try to just have fun and hope for the best...Of course playing with the color controls & cropping...AKA editing, is my BEST FRIEND...  

So while doing a bit of Google reserch for some images, I actually started noticing poses I've tried while taking pictures! How cool is that?! I decided to demonstrate with the outfit I wore today.

"The Hunch"

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I love how the model extended her arm to add another dimension to her body...mine was very basic but had the same aesthetic...

"Fierce Honey!"

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This can be achieved by putting one hand or both on your hip(s), elongating the neck, and leaning the body to accentuate your natural curve from waist to hip. I also like the expression on the model's face that insinuates regality and attitude...

"The Walk Pose"


This is one of my favorites! ... A) Because it is so easy to achieve because it's so natural and B) Because it's a good way to elongate one's body in pictures.  Just look at how long and lean the model's arms and legs look in this picture! Wowza!!!

"The Flamingo"


You know that one leg up pose I always do when I'm feeling myself...Well there's ACTUALLY something to that. See! Her version is more dancer-ish but she went for it and so did I!

Here are some more of my favs...






{"The Backshot"} {"007"} {"Tight Rope"} {"Coy"}  & {"The Waist Cincher"}

I also do well with props and have found that playing with accessories  make for good pictures.


Green Button Earrings: Old Navy
Faux Leather Jacket: Forver 21+
Black Peplum Dress: Spense via Marshall's
(a SIZE 12 ahhhhhhh!!!! Yes, Yes, Yes!!! *doing happy dance* I wear a 14/16 but the dress ran large & fits better with my weight loss!)
Green Belt: Forver 21
Striped Stockings: Catos
Black Glitter Heels/Green Snake Skin Loafers: Catos/Old Navy 
Fiery Red Carry-All: Catos


  1. that dress is HOT and those poses give me LIFE hunty!

    1. Thank You! It's my first peplum. I almost got the dress in another color. It came in cobalt!

  2. I think that was one of my first comments about your poses! You be doing it, girl! (Yes, I know - very improper English) LOL!

    That dress is smoking...loving the green belt with it! I don't have any peplum items...must rectify that before the trend is no longer hot (although, I think I could rock peplum forever)!

    That dress was made for you!

    1. Thank you Crystal! Yes ma'am you must get some peplum in your life! I want a black top.

  3. And you DO IT with every post!! I really need to come out of by box with my poses. I'll get the hang of it one day! lol!

    Go'head now with that size 12!! Love it!!

    1. Yes ma'am it pays to try things on! And yes Ticka the good thing for me about trying new things on camera is I'm the only one that sees it initially...I can post the shots I think are best and leave the duds in my personal archives. Some get straight-up deleted...

  4. You look amazing. Love the fit ;)

    1. Thank you SO MUCH and welcome to my aura! I love your outfits as well and have been a cyber stalker for a while now!

  5. I see you super model. Get yo pose on. Love this outfit.

  6. Wait!!!! Your hair is the BOMB!!!!! And, your poses say on point! You should teach a class!!!!