Monday, January 21, 2013



"Am I vain...YES! But I have a RIGHT to be!"

Too much time on my hands?
But I wanted to take some time since I was off today to shoot some outfits that've been swimming around in my head for a little bit. ...Annnnnd remix some of those looks to make new ones!
These items are recent purchases, but I haven't worn them as of yet.
They are things I would consider wearing if my social calendar was more of a reality.
I'm working on it...
As of now, we have these pictures.



Earrings/Necklace:Forever 21 & The Avenue, Red Silk Blouse: Old Navy Clearence Sale!, Leopard Bodycon Pencil Skirt: Forever 21+ Clearence, Mustard Pumps: Burlington

Earrings: The Avenue, Striped Blazer: Forver 21+, Red Silk Blouse: Old Navy, Houndstooth Skirt: 2b, Patent Black Pumps: Calvin Klein vis Ross
Up Top: I took the blouse and paired it with this striped blazer and houndstooth skirt for some print mixing fun, and changed out the colored pumps for basic black!
Down Below: It's amazing how changing a few elements in a look can create a whole new outfit! Take note of how I achieved this by changing into a bright chanteuse button down and a waist-synching belt with patent detailing to match the shoes!

Earrings: The Avenue, Chanteuse Button Down: Old Navy, Patent & Elastic Belt: Borrowed from a Pantsuit, Houndstooth Skirt: 2b, Patent Pumps: Calvin Klein via Ross
One common denominator that these looks have is the pencil skirt. With my extremely short hair, I find myself going for looks that are more sophisticated but still with a youthful and vibrant edge.



Silver Button Earrings: Forever 21, Denim Button-Down: American Eagle Outfitters, Pink Skinny Belt: Marshall's, Mustard Pencil Skirt: New York & Company, Pink Pumps: Old Navy





Silver Button Earrings/Silver bead Necklace: Forvever 21/Catos, Sheer Checked Shirt: Oldnavy Clearance, Mustard Skirt: New York & Company, Metalic Giltter Pumps: Catos
Here I took the same skirt, but toned the color down with some fun nuetrals and sophisticated metallics! I couldn't go comepletly muted so I added mt cherry red clutch for an unexpected POP of color...
The pencil skirt if the best of both worlds...And when the fit is right, they flatter my curvaceous body like non other!
Speaking of fit, I am the QUEEN of making things work when it come to a garment. But I can see how that can work against my looks instead of the opposite.
One of my style goals for the New Year is to spend quality time with a tailor to get some of my garments fitted to my body. ...
/Side Note/: My computer is TRIPPING! There is a black line running from the bottom right to the top right of y screen and there is lines and distortion. According to the diagnosis of a tech-savvy friend, it seems there may be something wrong with the wiring in my screen. So my computer's going to Best Buy for some maintenance.


  1. Honey you are working like the rent is due!!!

  2. You are gettin it in with each and every look! My favorite is that houndstooth skirt with the buttondown top. LOVE IT!! And thank you so much for the comment on my blog. My dear, you are looking FAB!! Good luck with working out this week!

    And don't forget… if you do a post about it, please link it to my blog! Sharing is caring! =D

  3. Love that first pose and my favorite outfit is the houndstooth skirt and chartreuse blouse too. You look great!

  4. You look great! Love the outfits & I must say your lifestyle changes have paid off...the weight loss shows!