Monday, September 26, 2011

The Bridge

If you want something, make it happen.
I've wanted to take pictures on this bridge since I moved here.


It is such an interesting feature as it connects two small housing subdivisions that run parallel.
There is a grassy knoll that runs under the bridge and down the middle of the small streets (lined with houses) that's like a highway median lined with palm trees.


It steeply hollows out and sometimes I see people running from one side of the vast concave to the other.
Some runners just sprint along the sides.
There are parts of my neighborhood are quite rough.
But if you drive one street over, the area turns into this charming suburban town. ...with lots and lots of character!
This dress was one of the things I found on clearance at Target this weekend.
I love knit.
And I love print.


So for less than 15 bucks, it was a WINNER!
Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnd the dress is from Target's Maternity Line.
That's right! A maternity dress! [You wouldn't have known that if I told you now would you?]
Made me feel good cause I could size it down and it fit me swell!
This sweater is getting TOO BIG!


It's a bitter sweet thing because it fits looser because of weight loss. I've bought sooo many pieces this sweater compliments so well.
Maybe I'll find another favorite yellow sweater.
Black and Silver Hoop Earrings: Charming Charlie's
Bright Yellow Sweater: Old Navy
Blue Print [Maternity] Knit Dress: Target
Black Canvas Pointed-Toe Wedges: THRIFTED Merona for Target [turning out to be my favorite brand by Target]
Black Leather-Band Gold-Toned Watch: THRIFTED!


This color, Sinful's :"HAZARD" looked soo good with this outfit! It was a good choice if I do say so myself!