Saturday, October 1, 2011


K  eeping
I  t
S o
S  imple
Keeping it so simple is the total polar opposite of GLAM.
It's those days where jeans and a tee shirt will do just fine.
Flats replace stilettos.
It's the epitome of Casual Fridays.
And, style is not's free.

I didn't realize it until I started editing these pictures, but I have worn these jeans two Fridays in a row.
I love them because they fit the way I like my jeans to fit... [period].
I actually started the idealization of this outfit last Sunday.
As I recall, Wayyyyyyyyyyyy before Tribal became a trend, I picked up this top from Target.
Little did I know, {literally years later},  there was going to be prints like this EVERYWHERE!


I initially liked it because I Love Color!
Throwing it under my go-to jean jacket and pairing it with these flared trousers was genius!


My focal accent color was going to be mustard, but at the last minute I pulled out my Bright Bourges.


Now that's what I call simple.

Light Denim Jacket: Old Navy
Multi-Colored Tribal Cami: Target
Dark Denim Flared Trousers: Old Navy
Bright Orange Oxfords: Urban Outfitters


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