Sunday, February 24, 2013

Rejection, Insecurities, & Flaws….

 Ever heard the analogy about dating about the apples in the tree?
 …How the cream of the crop feels like they’re not because the rotten apples get all the play?

I’ve gone through that for YEARS.

And I feel forgotten about. …Rejected.
I feel like my flaws are MAGNIFIED.

I feel fearful that I will never find TRUE love.

I joined a dating website recently.
I must admit that I am enjoying the attention…but that’s all I’m getting.
And its cyber so it doesn’t count. …
Over Half of the guys on there are bargain shopping.

I REALLY want love. But every sign keeps pointing to “its not your time…”
If not now, when?

It’s funny how when some bloggers do these, “I’m a real person” posts but the reader is so distracted by these beautiful and perfect pictures of the author.  In retrospect, maybe the pictures show that flaws have to do with one's perception... 

At any rate, what I try to represent is just what my banner says… Truthful, Multifaceted, Eclectic ...

I hate to sound pessimistic and I want to give the world more credit, but sometimes people just don’t value genuine … They value the superficial instead…self included. I remedy this by being in-tuned with who I am as a person and trying to be more genuine. 
My life isn't perfect...neither am I.  I have the thorn in my side of loneliness, flaws and insecurities that I have to work through every day. 

...That's all I got right now.

Earrings: Catos
Dress: Target
Shoes: Moskow via Steve Madden
Jacket: Forever 21+
Rouge: NYC makeup…(I’ve leaned where to get some AWSOME colors with corresponding pencil…YAY!)


  1. I had to get off one of the sites. Women were way to forward and wanted to be hookers. I find when you meet on the friends terms it works out better.

  2. I'm forward about what I want and what my standards are. I'm finding a lot of brothas can't keep up with even the smallest requirements like call instead of text...disheartening.

  3. Aweee shucks! Thanks for reading V!

  4. You said it all here "People don't value genuine". That is so true. Love how you styled those shoes! The color of that dress compliments them perfectly!