Saturday, March 23, 2013

You Don't Know How Good You Had It ...

 Till its gone!

I feel like I’ve struggled with my weight all my life.

When I was younger it was about perception. I didn’t know I was fine as I was until I got up to a size 18 a few years ago.

After seeing myself in some pics, I decided the least I could do for myself is exercise.
I got down to a 16 and stayed there consistently.

Fast forward to a year ago,
I was more focused than ever and was even starting to grace the like of a size 12.
These are things my readers have heard before…It’s nothing new.

It’s also nothing new that I took you all on a 30-day journey with me where I shed 5 pounds.

This month I discovered I gained the five back and then some.

I am at the position to write this blog because I am slowly but surely being more proactive about my weight-loss goals.

By May, I want to shed 10 pounds.
So far I consistently lost 2…8 more to go.

I was telling my mom I know I am really shedding the pounds when at the end of the day, (when your body retains fluids, water and you just weigh more), I am at a significant deficit.

I get tired of seeing people I inspired to set weight-loss goals surpass me while I’m steady falling off the wagon before their eyes.

I am happy for them…but sad for me.
The good thing is I don’t have to live that way.

I can change.

And unfortunately, I’m going to have to adjust my ways for life…
That’s the hard part.

Thanks for Listening….


  1. It's so hard to lose weight. I didn't start gaining weight until after high school...when I was about 20. I was a toothpick up until that time. I started picking up weight and LOVED it, at first. Then it wouldn't stop. LOL My mom told me when I first started gaining weight and thought it was cute...putting on weight is easy, taking it off is not. I should've listened to her. LOL I'm finally back in the gym after about a 2 month hiatus. I'm definitely paying for it this weekend.

    Don't be so hard on yourself...I think you look great, but I understand wanting to lose weight. A lot of people think I look good too, but I know I'm carrying too much weight. Good luck on your goal - you can do it!

  2. Thank you Crystal!!!! I appreciate your support and know that you have mine ad well!!

  3. It's such a personal journey to feel good about ones self and take the steps to make that happen. You can do it! Just keep at it. Small goals are the way to go. You'll make your May goal!! I'm rooting for you! ;)