Monday, April 15, 2013

Out of Focus...

I bought a new camera.

I set up to take outfit pics and to my disappointment, they were all out of focus.

I couldn’t go out like that.

So I played around with the settings until I got some clearer pics.

When my camera deiced to cooperate, (or I finally got things just right…whichever)
I eventually got some good shots though…

Annnd…when I went back to the store to get accessories for my new camera, I learned some more things it does…

Let the adventure begin!

Gold-tone Doorknocker Earrings: Forever 21
Green Houndstooth Dress: Burlington
Nude & Metallic Color-Blocked Heels: BCB Generation via Marshall’s
Peanut butter Carry-All: Steve Madden via Ross


  1. I love that wrap dress...I don't think I've seen a wrap dress I don't love, unless it has some big flowery print or something. Otherwise, a wrap dress is a wonderful staple for every closet.

    I love those color-blocked heels. I can only wear heels for a good minute, but you can surely rock them!

    Looks like a pretty nice camera...what kind is it?

    1. That is actually a faux wrap dress. I loved the color, the metallic detail and the ruffle down the side. I only have one pair of heels I probably can do all day. Def. Not these though...they were strictly for the pics cause they went good with the dress. I got a Nikon D 3100.

  2. U looked beautiful!!!!!! I love how that dress skims your curves!

  3. I felt quite thank you for noticing!

  4. Girl you are wearing that dress!

  5. Wooohooo... I'm in search for a new camera! I just have to fit it into my budget! lol

    That wrap dress is EVERYTHING!


    1. Yeah I'm just chipping the iceburg of what it can actually do...but I'm excited.