Wednesday, July 31, 2013

A Healthy Kitchen is a Happy Kitchen…

My personal fitness journey has had it’s ebbs and flows.

/Side Note:/ I will say associating myself with the right people helps. Familiar faces have helped me to stay motivated to work out and I prefer to do so in the evenings as of late…We’ll see what happens when school starts though.

Like most people, I eat with my moods.
No, I don’t eat my feelings.
But I will say:
When I’m feeling content it is easier to eat well.
When I’m feeling sad
It’s easier to seek out comfort foods.
I constantly have a conversation in my head about what I eat and I must say it has paid off.

Even at my HIGHEST weight I am at a deficit from when I started.

“Life is a journey…not a destination”
--India Arie

I have found keeping good foods around me is helpful. I keep instant oats, cereal, plastic ware and styrofoam/microwave safe bowls in my desk drawer at work...This is Smart Start Healthy Heart Original Cereal with blueberries and Almond Breeze Milk...

One of my biggest accomplishments is preparing my clean kitchen.

Fresh corn shucked and ready for steaming

Clean cosmetically and clean with fresh foods.

It’s something therapeutic about prepping healthy snacks for the week as well as home-cooked meals.

A healthy Kitchen is a happy kitchen…and a happier me as well.

Apples, Plums and Berry Bags for snacks...

I had some fresh Brussels Sprouts on reserve in the freezer, so I  tried this recipe that’s super easy.
It was from the food here.

Of course I had to soul it up with my favorite seasons, as I didn’t have the Kosher Salt the recipe called for.

 A capful of Olive Oil, Large Cookie Sheet and [more] Pam Olive Oil Spray + Roasting in a 400 degree preheated Oven was all that was needed...

Ready for roasting...

I was pleasantly surprised how good these were…I may add onions next time!

El Fin!

 I had them with my fresh corn and these...

Petite Pork Chops Cooked low & Slow....


  1. Everything looks so yummy even the brussel sprouts, which I don't like. Those chops look delicious!

    I rarely eat breakfast, but thanks for the idea about bringing styrofoam bowls and cereal to work to keep in my desk. Don't know why I never thought of that. LOL

    I have been on a fresh fruit and vegetable kick though. I will try to keep it up.

    Looks like you're doing everything right. I go to the gym in the evenings after's a chore, but I make it work.

  2. Looks great!! I know that it feels good to eat better and know that we're putting better things with better ingredients into our bodies. Keep up the good work!!

  3. Pleaaaase don't laugh at me but I have NEVER tried Brussels Sprouts but u make them look DELISH!!!!!


  4. hmm yummmmm

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  5. woo hoo! that looks good! mmm pork chops.. I'm struggling with getting on board with clean eating but I've made some pretty good changes lately. lol I can't get with the brussel sprouts though. They just look so sci fi to me. Like that's where aliens hatch from. LOL I bet you made them good though! Great post, babycakes!

  6. This all looks so yummy. Is the first photo cereal? I recently just started incorporating that into my daily breakfasts. Now, I can't go without it!

  7. Yes the first photo is cereal with fresh blueberries...YUM!

  8. I'm HONE-GREE!! This looks yummy!