Monday, January 27, 2014


When I spotted this dress in the store I said to myself, “This is happening!”
Think of your favorite cozy sweatshirt made into a garment that is fantastically chic, classy and sophisticated!
That’s this dress.
It was PERFECT for the chilly temps in which the weather PLUMMETED today!

Thus is the reason why I broke out my Argyle printed tights!
I swear I love these THINGS!
They have added visual swag to many a outfit while providing the insulating protection my legs needed from the elements.

Also, I wouldn't be justified if I didn't  mention the deep jewel toned hue that I am sporting LITERALLY HEAD to TOE!

/Side Note:/ If you’re looking for a GREAT Accent to pair with a deep hue, try a metallic! In this post I used pewter accents. But gold, silver or bronze could have also created a nice contrast without being too overpowering!

My dear readers, I hope you don’t grow bored of my use of WINE/Burgundy/Oxblood in my posts.
As you can tell, I am feelin’ this color something STRONG!
And since I have acquired so many pieces in this shade, I intend on putting them to use!!!!!!

Jewel-Toned Sweatshirt Dress: Target/Pearl Silver Drop Earrings: Forever 21/Multi-Stranded Necklace: Forever 21 & Cato’s/Jacket: Forever 21+/Argyle Tights: Wal-Mart/ Boots: Evan’s/Bag Steve Madden via Ross


  1. I Love this! Burgundy is such a great color

  2. Honey I never get tired of you in this color and the lips match PERFECTLY!!!

  3. I'm loving that hair color on you!! That dress looks so comfy and cute. My favorite things.

  4. Thank you all! Keep checking back for more great looks!