Thursday, January 30, 2014

Sometimes I Surprise Myself...

Sometimes I surprise myself. 

When I saw this leopard blouse I liked it.
It was unique.
But because it did not come in the traditional dark brown and black pallet, I almost missed out on it.

Then I ended up getting it because I thought I could style it with a red pencil skirt…
Or some red-orange trousers.

Never, did I ever, think I would pull it off under my green V-neck sweater.
I had another sweater in mind that I wanted to try my hand at layering it with.
But the look in my head and in person didn’t match up.
The green was the one.

The rest of the look, however, went as planned.
Even down to the boots. Now I thought I would pull my coniac-colored riding boots back out. But I opted for my low-wedge knee boots instead, which I have been wearing non-stop for the cooler temps (aside from my obsession with my oxblood boots, of course).

 But, then again, sometimes I surprise myself!

I know it might seem insignificant, but trying something out my comfort zone with my clothes has been refreshing.
I felt good today.
Not to mention, I got so many compliments on my look.

Earrings: Forever 21/ Necklace (Barely visible but there) The Avenue/ Leopard Blouse: Marshall’s/ V Neck Sweater & “Flirt” Skinny Jeans: Old Navy/Boots: The Avenue/Bag: Marshall’s/ Trench: New York & Company (on sale)

PS: So Random but I had to take some pics with these guys! They are something of celebrities since I grew up watching them on commercials for McDonalds. You know what they say, you're only an adult once in your life and a child twice!

{Me & Grimmace}

{Me & Ham-Burglar}


  1. Yeeesss honey! You did that! I love how you put everything together. Those boots

  2. I ADORE boots from and The Avenue Stores. I didn't shop there before I moved here and now I;m obsessed with their accessories in general. If you're lucky you might be able to find you some boots, on clearance to boot! LOL!