Thursday, March 27, 2014

Sweater Skirt!

I’m pretty sure that I already have a post entitled Houdstooth, which is the pattern on this skirt. 
That’s why its NOT the name of this post.
I wonder where the name originated anyway…

I bought this skirt last year and never wore it.
I got it on clearance and was kinda thrilled that it fit so well.
I have to be careful with pencil skirts because they tend to fit me really tight, (bodycon tight), and they ride up above my knees when I walk.

When I size up, sometimes they do this accordion thing because the pencil skirt can be too big in the waist.
Not to mention, they might rotate on me for this reason as well.

This skirt pretty much stayed put all day.  And it’s midi length, so NO RIDE UP!!!
I think it was the sweater material that helped with the fit too!

My friend thought it would be cool for me to model her bag to add a POP of color to this otherwise simple look.

It’s a Michael Klors she got for a proverbial STEAL off someone selling it on ebay.
I don’t think I’ll be so lucky, but I will take a moderately priced bag in the same color for the warmer months!

Jewelry: Forever 21/Turtleneck: Target/Skirt: 2b/Booties: Marshall’s/Bag: Michael Klors (borrowed)

I wonder if I tried to run with the bag, if she’d catch me. …Just Kidding!

Pictures by Ayissa Sandoval  


  1. Great look on You and the handbag is stealable. . .if there is such a word.

  2. Work Tammie! I love a houndstooth print and have a similar look I can't wait to blog. I love the pop of color with the bag. Your style is evolving and it shows :)