Monday, March 17, 2014


There is this trend in blogger world to not only layer, but to do so with a buttoned down/ sweater combo. I thought today was a good day to test my chops on the look. 
It was soooo cold in the office yesterday. I despise being too cold so I took special precautions.
I looked up the weather and  saw the temps were going to drop as low as the 30s.
I was like Tamar from the Braxtons,
I wanted to be "Prauh-Pared" (prepared)!

This Is a look which was derived from a mental scan of my closet.
I’m very analytical, which spills over to my fashion sense.

I was not only able to keep warm throughout the day, but I was also fashionable.
I am a spring-time dresser by preference, but with a couple of tweaks to my wardrobe, I feel I am getting the hang of winter outfits.

Which brings me to these boots as one of the new editions to my wardrobe! I have coveted some wide-calf coniac-colored boots for some time now.
I adore how they are wide enough to leave a small gap between my calves and the boot.  To me that gives a slenderizing effect and makes the fit resemble that of people without big calves.

I felt so warm, cozy and put together today!

Chambray Under Shirt: Target/ Chunky Knit Sweater & Striped Pencil Skirt:  Old Navy/Coniac Riding Boots: Marshall’s/ Black Studded Earrings: Cato’s/Black Trench: Calvin Klein via Burlington


  1. Tammie this outfit is sooo cute!! I was just about to buy that same skirt!! Now I def should go get it bc I love how you pulled this look together!!

  2. YES YOU SHOULD!!!! and to make it appropriate for when it gets warmer, ditch the sweater, trench and boots and wear the chambray shirt with some leopard flats and gold metallic accessories or do some shoes with a POP of color with colorful accessories!
    I'm glad to see you back Tiff!!!!

  3. Layered looks are awesome for those chilly days. Love that coat!