Monday, April 14, 2014


I would probably create fashion and cultural blasphemy if I called this cotton-blend fabric  Ankara.

But the bright tribal print put me in the mind of the beautiful African fabric.

I was even asked by a coworker if I was wearing Ankara.
I graciously denied.
 … But I wish I were.

Dainty Earrings, Clutch & Dress: Forever 21 & Forever 21+/Cardigan: Marshall's/ Boots: T.J. Maxx

/Side Note:/ I usually have more blurbs about fashion to write, but this is it. I have moved into a new place and I am settling into my life.

Photography By: Ayissa Sandoval  


  1. I have this dress and thought the exact same about it looking so much like Ankara - O-o:) In any even.... this dress looks fabulous on you and your makeup is fiyyyaaaa! Great look.

    1. I'm glad I wasn't the only one DaVonne! Thanks for commenting!

  2. so colorful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE it!

  3. I love color and You wear it very well. I can't wait to see how you style this dress for the summer.

  4. Tammie you totally portray the look of having so much fun in this piece! I love the colors on you as well. Keep up the inspiration :)

  5. I want this dress!!! So freaking cute ;-)

  6. Thank you ladies! Ayissa takes the Best photos of me!