Monday, April 7, 2014


If you feelin’ froggy then leap…Better YET JUMP!

/Side Note:/I am a firm believer of buying nice clothes and shoes and keeping them on reserve. You never know when you’ll get to wear them! Or you can just do so because they make you feel happy! That said, my friend’s wedding was the PERFECT occasion for this jumper I bought way-long-time ago!

Jumpers and Rumpers seem to be all the rave in blogger land for the warmer months.
Really, I have been up on this trend for a while now.
Like I commented while supporting another blogger, (who’s style I adore), I buy a jumper a year, it seems like.

After some much needed alterations, I FINALLY wore this one-piece I’ve had in my closet for over a year now!
One of my coworkers and good friends got married, so I put this unsemb together for her reception.

I  liked the way the copper-color looked against my skin tone!

And the neutral tone was so versatile in that pops of color really stood out against it.

That made it easier to get more comfy for after-wedding festivities! By changing up my heels to some comfy flats and my earrings, I was able to create a look that was more casual but just as cute!

So are you jumping? If so, Forever 21/21+ is DEFINITELY a start to find cute jumpers without breaking the bank! I have my eye on one that recently came out on their website! Hope it doesn't sell out before I can get my hands on it!

Dainty Earrings & Jumper: Forever 21 & Forever 21+ (old purchases)/Gold Clutch: Old Navy (old purchase as well on clearance)/ Color Blocked Sandals: Jessica Simpson/Ivory & Turquoise Earrings: Target/Sandals: Ross


  1. Yet again, you have SLAYED me to smithereens!! Cute look!!

  2. That Copper is so Rich on your skintone and you wear it very well. And, the SHOES. . . .

  3. Yaaaasss! Tammie you looks adorbs in I've purchased three jumpers so far and can not wait to style them for the blog. I looove both pairs of shoes also. My feet are sooo flat, so I would opt for the green Keep slaying, girlie :)

  4. Thank you ladies so much! Jumpers are so versatile and easy to style!