Thursday, April 3, 2014

Beach Day!!!

Some friends and I decided to take an impromptu trip to the beach!
It was a MUST to celebrate one of the warmer days, as the weather has been making a rather slow transition from cold to hot.

We had an amazing time and, as you can see, we were able to capture some lovely shots of me in my swimwear.

I adore these shades and button earrings I got for really cheap!
I think they make such a dynamic duo and will no doubt be paired for many outfits this season.

I also love this cover-up! 

It seamlessly transitions from beachwear to after-party and the array of colors makes it SUPER versatile!

I was looking for a way to implement a different look with some suits I previously bought! This cover-up was PERFECTION and I would like to buy more! Find it here.

I’m sure I will have more days like this, which will warrant more posts of my how I'm sporting my beachwear!

Earrings: Beauty Supply Back Home/Shades: DD’s Discounts/Cover Up & One-Piece: Forever 21+ (Bathing Suit Purchased two Years Ago)

What suits do fancy for the coming months?


  1. You gave that cover-up life. Many will want it because you are rockin' it, not because of the price or picture on F21. I love the swimsuit & cover-up on you and the colors are right for summer.

  2. Thank you! I felt amazing in it! Can't wait to wear it with a yellow suit!

  3. Girl you did that!!!!!!!!!!!! I have this coverup too and will be wearing it on an upcoming vacay!!!! Girl you look amazeballs in that suit too!

    1. Thanks V! Girl that cover-up is amazing and magical! It'll make you want to twirl like Kenya Moore!

  4. I would like to see your nails close up. I love every shot you took by the way. Beautiful and full of spunk.

  5. Thanks Nita! You can see a close up of my nails on my blog's Facebook Page Here:

    Add Me!

  6. I'm sorry Nia, I spelled your name wrong.

  7. Very Pretty!! It looks like you were having a blast! I love these pics! One of these days I'll be confident enough to post pics in beachwear. I'm not there yet! ;)

  8. Tammie you did that!!! U looked like you had a ball!! I promise you swim suite edition has just encouraged me to wear mine as well... Shame free!! U sooo did that!! I'm inspired.. Definitely!!! My B-Day is April 11th but Im going to the beach end of the month for my bday.. Im definitely gonna wear it n post sum pics!! I cant wait to share them with you!! Keep taking great photos girl!!

  9. Ticka: Don't wait too long! You have an AMAZING body and you have been working sooo hard to keep it that way! You DESERVE to find a Suit which you feel confident and work it! Try a black and leopard suit! Black because it's slimming and leopard because you love it!

    Tiffany: Thank you! I can't wait to see your pitcures. I KNOW you will be beautiful!

  10. Reminds me of our day at the beach last year... Awww. Good times. Love that cover up. You werkin it as usual.

  11. Girl, you epitomize the word FAB! You did that! I love all of these bright colors! I'm loving your hair too! Looks like a great time!