Monday, March 31, 2014

Surviving "Spring..."

Or its supposed to be...

All over the country we are experiencing the slow transition from the cooler months to the warmer months.  I feel like I do one of these posts every year around this time! But also every year I change and I tweak my response to this conundrum based on updates to my personal style!

The time change has really been slowing my game up when it comes to outfit pics. I prefer to self-photograph in the morning before work. But it’s DARK outside and if I wait until it’s light, I’ll be late.

I have thought of some possible solutions:
Get a new lens that works well in low-light settings.
Shoot on my lunch break.
Shoot on the weekends.

I might employ all three.
I want to upload the best quality of photos I can in the least amount of time.
Wish me luck!

With the weather fluctuating like it does, I find myself dressing for two seasons.

In the morning and evenings we experience fall-like weather.
Mid-day, it feels the most like Spring!

I still rock my darker hued boots and moto-jackets but I pair them light-weight pieces.

And of course I engage in color-play wearing florals,  pastels and sometimes mixing them with darker hues.

Back and white is also a GREAT combination for mixed-weather conditions!

It transitions seamlessly from cooler to warmer months and vice versa.

So what were my tips for surviving spring?

1. Mix bright colors with darker hues!
2. Layer heavier and warmer fabrics on top of lighter fabrics. 
3.Wear black and white for versatility when the seasons change.
4. Wear warmer clothes, (boots and jackets) with lighter colors.  

There you have it…
That’s how I’m surviving “Spring!”


  1. I'm so ready for this spring transition. You seem to have pulled this off effortlessly. Keep slaying, Tammie!

  2. I have been doing all of this to survive Spring. Usually it goes from Winter to Summer here with no Spring so I'm enjoying a cool Spring that I can actually wear leatherette and heavier items.

    1. I'm ready for summer V! I strongly dislike being cold!

  3. You will survive and I can't wait to see your Summer Styles.

  4. Thanks! We are having some warmer days so I'm slowly getting into the groove of dressing for warmer!