Monday, August 4, 2014

Cross Roads....

Blogging is hit or miss.
At times my pictures come out crystal clear and I look quite lovely.
At times I find myself putting in a lot of work, only to get photos, which I think are quite mediocre.

I am sad to report that mediocrity has been a theme in my life as of late. It seems I have hit a plateau and only EXTREME change on my part will take me to the next level.

I am experiencing so much that says otherwise.
I’ve met someone whose company I enjoy and that adores me, (even Crazy Tammie).
I’ve started a new job.
I’m doing well in school.

But I feel like there’s GOT to be more to my life than this.
I want more fulfillment in life.
I want the ability to stop working so hard and ENJOY the fruit of my labor. … To actually produce fruit.

I’m at a Cross Roads.
My inner man, (faith), tells me I’m in a valley.
In this stage in life God allows things to happen to cultivate faith and character. 
…And when I am done with this part of my life, I will be better off.

I know that.
But yet I’m still at a Cross Roads.

If my posts go lacking for a while, I apologize.
I honestly have a lot going on within that requires my attention.
I will no doubt return and what you witness will be better.

Earrings: Old Navy/ Dress: Gifted/ Belt: Forever 21 (old)/ Bag: Ross/ Pumps: Ellen Tracy via Marshall’s  


  1. Tammie I seriously woke up with you on my mind this morning for some reason. I was thinking I hadn't seen your posts in awhile. I went through the same thing with my blog with my old camera. Outfits I loved and pics I hated. Now since I have a Canon T5I.....I would say I like 90 percent of the photos I take now so maybe investing in one of those will make blogging easier for you and take some of the load off of getting dressed to snap pics that you end up hating or come out blurry. I HATED that. Whatever you do don't stop blogging. Us authenthic fans will be here regardless so take the time that you need to get through this ♥