Thursday, October 30, 2014

Purple Lines...

This. Dress. Was. Sexy!

Not in an “IN YOUR FACE,” type of way. But a covert way.
As I wore it today I thought it was definitely a piece that toed the line.

The whole look was classy.
But there were elements that were quite flirty.

The High/Low Hem, that hit just above my knees in the front, but gave me length where I needed it most.

The key-hole in the neckline.

The side slits that bared side thigh when the wind blew during this shoot.

If my office weren’t so anything goes, I would have probably styled this dress as a tunic.
I probably will cover my legs when I wear this piece again and maybe even sew up the side slits…

Shades: Wet Seal/Earrings: Forever 21/Necklace: The Avenue/Clutch: QVC/Dress: Target/Shoes: Guess via Burlington

Pictures By: Sarah Gonzales  


  1. You do look sexy in this dress and wear it very well. I would not sew up the slits.

    1. Thanks Mz Curves! I'm still debating about alterations though...

  2. TAmmie sooo cute cute!! Girl I may need to get in Target and pick that lil number up myself!! I think its adorable!! and Will prolly be cute this winter with tights too!!

  3. Thanks Tiffany! I can definately see it with tights and cute boots! Hurry if you're going to purchase though, mine was the last one in my size on clearance.