Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Journey to Kuwait

Six months ago I encountered a hellish situation in regards to my professional life. Now that I think about it, the change in my mindset came about much sooner than that, but I guess things just hit the fan with me about six months ago.

I begin to become burnt out with my career in human services. Don't get me wrong. My inner being has always been fed by making contributions to my fellow man. But, when you do it for a living, that comes at a cost. And though I was quite satisfied with how well I did my job, the climate of the workplace left much to be desired. So, I went against my inclination to be complacent and I begin to search for other positions. I found a job, lost it, found another job, lost it. Out of desperation to keep afloat, I took a position that was of a lower pay than I was used to but the basic requirements of the job were not as intensive as some of the other positions, which I had worked.  I told myself as long as I could pay my bills, I'd be alright.

I was wrong.

Hindsight is 20/20 and I believe I was just fed up with the politics and work culture of Human Services, specifically Case Management, and I was too outspoken for the delicate tastes of management.
I was speaking my truth and it stepped on the toes of the wrong people.
I was fired in such a way that was humiliating and devastating. This took place in July.

Though this is true, I must share what I am grateful for.

-I am grateful for my relationship with GOD.
-I am grateful that I had the foresight to go back to school and FINISH my Master's Degree.
-I am grateful for financial stability in that I had enough to meet my needs and some wants as well.
-I am grateful for the people God put in my life at that time.

It doesn't mean that this time in my life was not difficult. It was, to the point where I suffered from depression. My self-confidence had diminished as well. Even though I am job-savvy, I worried that my resume would not be able to bounce back from the stain that being fired left on it. 
I begin substitute teaching for the local school district to gain some positive employment experience, but it felt that I was moving backward instead of forward.

Little did I know that God was ordering my steps. He allowed me to experience hardships to cultivate my faith. He was closing doors to opportunities, which did not suit the life which He had in store for me. I am driven and ambitious. So God kept me in a holding pattern while he orchestrated my next big step.


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