Monday, December 14, 2015

My Aura Style: Graduation Style

 I am a firm believer in celebrating YOUR life in a way that is special to you, especially your accomplishments!

Attaining My Master’s Degree was HUGE for me, so I decided I wanted to do photos… Not just any pictures though, I wanted to go all out.

THE CONCEPT: I’m a fashionista…that’s a given, so I wanted the pictures to incorporate my love for fashion as well as to depict something out of the box.

To me a cityscape background just speaks “success,” so I knew I wanted that to be the backdrop of these portraits.  {I mean really, how many films can you think of that show bustling cities with people carrying briefcases, in business suits, hailing cabs and walking into HUGE office buildings?}

MAKE UP/COIF: I am an amateur at doing makeup. What little I learned was out of necessity to allow my face to stand out in my photos here on the blog. I did not want to take any chances on the day of the shoot so I enlisted the help of local makeup artist, Jessica Davis of The Corpus Christi Beauty Bar. We went with a natural, fresh-faced look that played up my features.

As far as my hair was concerned, I went from a light honey blond to a deep red! I also did my signature fade with a side part for some flair! I couldn’t have been more pleased with how my barber, Mr. Murph, tightened me up!

STYLE: To say that I bought and sent back so many outfits was an understatement! Every time I thought I had a look chosen for my big day, it did not turn out to be quite what I was looking for.  Also, my new red coif changed the game as far as outfit color pallets were concerned. I finally decided on neutral for the first look and my school’s signature cobalt for the second look.

PHOTAGRAPHY: Just like my outfits, I went through some changes selecting a photographer. God had my back when he sent me Annette McPhersonPhotography!  Joy and I were in sync from the beginning to the end of my experience. I am quite the perfectionist when it comes to presentation and to say Joy was gracious with my requests was an understatement. She was genuine when she said that it was refreshing to work with me because I knew what I wanted. Annette McPherson Photography really strives to make their customers happy! I am elated! My package included: On Location Photography with two looks, Customized Photo Announcements, Digital Copies of the frames of my choice and Prints!    

Finally...Here They Are! Aren’t They Breathtaking!

For more details of my graduation, please visit My Instagram @my_aura_style


  1. CONGRATS. .and Enjoy Your Life!! You look all kind of Fabulousness here. . .