Monday, August 22, 2011

“Just Throw Me on a Gray Tee…”

I must admit two things:
1. I TOTALLY jacked this look from another Blogger.
Her name is Amelia Pointes and I’ve been following her for some time now.
She is a brilliant writer and beautiful inside and out.
When I saw her post on yesterday, I left a comment TELLING her that I would “jack" her look…And that I did!
2. I’m in LOVE with heather gray tee-shirts.
The obsession started LONG before I took to showcasing my STYLE.
I just think gray on a tee has an heir of grown-woman swag that I try to achieve with my looks.

Remember when I mentioned the Post Man bought me a surprise on one of my posts?

I did my first day of Turbo Fire today.
When I got the DVD set, I gave myself the homework assignment to watch the DVDs before attempting them.
My momma gave me that tip for starting a new work-out DVD a long time ago.
And it WORKS.
There was NO Possible Way I could watch all the DVDs included in the set.
But, I watched the intro DVD, (by mistake), and the first two workouts on the Calendar.
I like the lead instructor, Charlene Johnson.
She is KRUNK!
Yeah the music is that cheesy work-out techno stuff…but SO WHAT!
It gets the job done!
Everyone looks like they’re having fun.
It is a HARD workout to follow because it goes so fricken FAST.
But I enjoyed it because it was a CHALLENGE.
Coming from someone who is used to HARD WORK, it’s engrained in me to work for the things I REALLY WANT.
I really want to master TURBO FIRE.
I want to get through the 60 days…and you must be fit to do so.
Also, my body felt lighter and more able to perform the moves, due to my wight loss on Weight Watchers.
I was grateful for that!
I got up an hour early to do Turbo Fire and was finished with my morning routine afterwards in RECORD time.
I set my radio alarm clock 5 minutes faster to help me be on time.
Even with that being the case, I was able to finish getting dressed at 6:58am!
So you know what I did?
Took pictures.
The sun was just hitting the sky when I started, so the first batch of photos I took looks like I’m taking them at dusk.
I didn’t mind.
It added some variety.
Even with the sun not being at FULL MAST, it was humid…
That’s why my skin looks all dewy.
But hey, I don’t mind!
I toweled off and did some more shots when it was lighter out.
If it were a PERFECT world and I got to wear heels to work, these retro lace-ups would be the perfect touch to this Boho ‘70’s chic look.
Oh well…
Maybe I’ll wear this to church.
Gray Tank: Forever21
Tan Belt: Melrose (an Urban clothing store)
Tan Lace-Up Platforms: Wet Seal (On CLEARANCE)
Silver Ring: Dot’s Fashions
Earrings: Beauty Supply

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