Saturday, August 13, 2011

My Day in Pictures...

…And words…
After documenting my drama from this morning, I resumed with my life.
I’ve noticed that a lot of my clothes don’t fit anymore.
It’s a bitter sweet realization.
I love all of my gear and hand-picked it for me.
Thus I am nostalgic.
But…Letting go is a part of life.
It’s a Testament to progress…to starting anew.
That’s the premise behind me cleaning out my closet today.
Out with the old and in with the new.
Those items I feel that can be consigned, I will.
But others, I will donate.
Even though it’s a CHORE, every once in a while I feel the urge to de-clutter my life.
The End…
I got my hair done last night.
I wanted something more like this:
See how her bangs are soft and framing her face?
And I wanted the back more structured. … In hard curls…
I’m finding that my stylist gives my hair the same shape.
When I get home, I play with it to make it doable for me.
My stylist back home had more imagination.
When this style gets old, I’m thinking about trying to create something myself…
I’m thinking about it…
After I finished the cleaning of my closet, I gave myself a bathtub pedicure and manicure.
That’s simply me taking my cuticle nippers and Ped. Egg into the bath with me and going to work.
I must say my feet, most of all, needed it and they felt soft when I applied my nail polish later on.
I used China Glaze’s Electric Pineapple…
It will be a nice complement to my outfits this week.
I did a little shopping today as well.
I got these wonderful white pants at Old Navy today for $15 bucks.
They are a SIZE 14!
I couldn’t even wrap my brain around wearing smaller than 16s in Old Navy Pants, as they are NARROW!
Maybe I can say that about myself now…lol!
I recently mentioned I discovered a top I previously bought at Target for full price marked down on clearance for half the price.
Not only did I get it for the lesser amount, but I got these preppy loafers with the difference.
I could see these with a crisp light blue button down.
Kind of like this one.
But less boxy-looking.
I also took back a dress that is now too big and got these AMAZING wide-legged pants at Forever 21, (size large), and this basic gray tee, (also in Large). Yeah…I’ obsessed Knit and heather gray tees.
Of course because I am a shortie, I have to get the pants hemmed before I can wear them. …I have no option as they LITERALLY drag the ground.
This is the dress I wore today to run errands.
Sexy right?
Even down to my kango pouch protruding out. *giggles*
Turbo Fire should take care of that.
It’s from Forever 21…a size medium.
They ran out of larges so I made it work.
I love the pop of color against my skin. And the way it hugs my curves.  …Best $10 I spent that day.
After my busy day I was FAMISHED!
So I came home and  made myself a Boca Burger.
I actually got the idea from the Weight Watcher’s Website.
It was a good deal too ‘cause I sooooooo wanted to stop by Wendy’s or Wataburger on the way home from the beauty shop last night.
The whole thing is only 6 Weight Watcher’s Points Plus Points…YAY! And for an all-veggie patty, it tasted AMAZING!


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