Sunday, September 11, 2011

Brand New Shoes...

Nikes meet Turbo Fire...Turbo Fire, Nikes...
And they shake hands...
The last time I did my Turbo Fire work-out, it was exhilarating but my feet were sore!
Not the kind of sore to make me stop.
But the kind of sore that made me modify moves that I wanted to go full force on...And felt like I could do so.
That could only mean one thing; New Shoes!
I want to Academy today and they had so many styles to choose from.
I normally don't do this but uhhhhhhh, I was my OWN sales representative today.
When I got back to the shoe department, the salespeople were nowhere in sight.
I was anxious to get started so I scowered the aisles.
Since my feet are flat, I went with Nike.
I have tried on some comfortable shoes in my life, but they turn into my feet's WORSE ENEMY while doing high impact.
That arch-support bump they put in shoes hurt my insoles like HELL!
I weeded out a lot of shoes based on how they felt on the inside.
I found that the least expensive shoes had less cushioning on the insides than shoes that are more expensive.
Anddddddddddddd women's shoes are quite narrow.
My feet laugh in the face of a narrow shoe.
I ended up with a Men's Nike Air Pegasus+ 28.
Working from the inside of the shoe out; So Far...
I like that they have heel support. I am really making an effort to try the ply metrics drills on Turbo Fire and the more cushion, the better.
There is some insole cushioning, but not too much. Plus the saleslady recommended some after-market insoles she uses. She says she has flat feet as well and they do them justice. We'll see.
The men's shoes run wider than women's so I don't have to force my feet down into them...THAT'S the WORSE!
They have mesh fabric, so they're breathable. This is important.
The color is GREAT...I love the gray with the bright-yellow POP! Very cheerful... They seem to nudge me and say, "Time to get up and work-out..." in a sing-song sort of way.
So yeah...we'll see how they do when I work out tomorrow morning.
I'm looking forward to it!


  1. I need some running sneakers bad! Thanks for the info on going to Academy!

  2. I agree with you,I also like nike outlet stores very much.