Saturday, September 10, 2011

"By the Dock of the Bay..."


I started out the day with another dress on.
But after my hair appointment, my stylist noticed I had a hole right in the rear of my dress.
I ran home and decided to throw on my orange strapless maxi to run the rest of my errands.
I am still vacation eating so that entails eating on the go a lot.
And eating on the go entails no groceries in the house.
It's weird because after 3 months of healthier eating, I can tell a difference when I start to consume more calories.
Now I'm actually READY to start back tracking.
My plan is to grill some tilapia on my George Forman and make lots and lots of greens as sides.
I think I will continue to eat my cereal for breakfast and munch on fruits as snacks.
I said ALL that to say I stopped by Luby's today and with my meal I got a slice of their Lemon Ice Box Pie made with Splenda.
It was NOTHING like the cheesecake my mom and I shared last weekend.
I called the manager and asked him if I bought the pie back, could I choose another slice.
He obliged.
I didn't "bit more need any dessert than a man in a moon," like my mom would say.
But I got it any way.
It was good but it feels like bricks are in my stomach.
On the way to pick up my dessert, I snapped some pics.
I wanted to do them ON the dock, but it was gated up when I got close.
I just used it as a backdrop as well as the surrounding areas.

I'm lucky to live in a city that has such beautiful scenery.


Orange Maxi: Old Navy
Snake Skin Sandals: Old Navy
Silver-Rimmed Shades: Lane Bryant
Silver-Toned Cubic Zirconium Studs: Melrose



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