Monday, September 5, 2011

"I Came Home..."

It's a song by Floetry…
So, I went home for Labor Day.
My intial plan was to leave really early Friday morning.
But in a fit of adrenaline, I {blew off class and} left Thursday night.
I had a WONDERFUL time.
The weekend was filled with family, friends, shopping and good eats!
I didn’t get MOST of the things that were on my mental shopping list.
But, I did find some cool stuff none-the-less.
So, I can’t complain.
During the next trip I will DEFINITELY stop by some stores and really comb through them to see what I can find.
The Eats:
First of all, let me just say that I kicked Weight Watchers to the curb this weekend.
(To be totally honest, I started vacation eating this past week, but “whateves,” as my co-worker says.)
I ate what I wanted to and didn’t track anything.
I figure I will start back doing so tomorrow when my vacation ends.
Of Course I had barbeque. I even bought some home from my mom’s house to eat this week, (gotta love moms giving you groceries to take home).
Friday I went to Applebees with friends.
Even though they do have a Weight Watcher’s friendly menu, I opted for the appetizer trio with a basket of fries and shared it with friends.
Afterwards, we went to Beth Marie’s for Ice Cream.
Beth Marie’s is a local Denton specialty ice cream shop located in the infamous and historical town square.
When I first moved to Denton and would drive through the square on the way home from work, I’d always see couples strolling down the sidewalk with ice cream cones. IT NEVER FAILED.
My cousin and I met at the town square, after she learned we were  residents in the same city, and I learned why that was.
My favorites are a scoop of The Court House Buttered Pecan and a scoop of the German Chocolate Ice cream together in a cup, not a cone.
So if you’re ever in the Dallas/Fort Worth Area, take a day trip to Denton and visit the Square and Beth Marie’s.
Saturday my mom and I went to The Cheesecake Factory.
Even though I had kicked dieting to the curb, the veggie burger caught my eye.
I could have been a good girl and got a salad, but it’s something about going out to eat and ordering fries that has almost become a ritual to me.
Sweet potato fries accompanied my veggie burger.
Both were absolutely delicious!
My mom, being the seafood lover that she is, ordered the gumbo.
What she let me taste of it was good as well!
Then we split a piece of low-carb cheese cake.
It was wonderful!
So light!
I was tempted to get another slice when mom and I did brunch at the Blue Mesa grill the next morning after church.
But I was too full from the gourmet Tex Mex decadence. …Not to mention my complementary Mimosa.
The Fun:
Saturday Night I attended a birthday party at a local club.
I hadn’t been out in SO LONG so I made the best of the night, starting with my outfit.
I probably was a little over-dressed for the club that we went to, but I still felt Fabulous.
(And I burned a LOT of calories on the dance floor!)
When I discovered this jumper, I knew I wanted to go with a retro look.
So I paired it with these shoes and the look was born.
Instead of doing a lot of unnecessary shopping, I went with earrings I bought down with me and paired it with this FABULOUS necklace I jacked from my mom.
It seems I jacked accessories from my mom all weekend. She doesn’t mind as long as I return them.
I even put a little eye make-up on.
Gold-Tone Button Earrings: Forever 21
Gold-Tone Necklace: Rainbow
Retro Black Jumper: Charlotte Russe
Retro Metalic Platforms: Charlotte Russe
Lepard Clutch: Thrifted
My cousin and her friends like to take a shot or two BEFORE going out, so I captured them clinking their glasses before we stepped out that night.
The Shopping:
Again, let me stress that I didn’t buy NEARLY as much as I’d anticipated.
But I got a few key things.
I finally got some CDs that I’ve been  hearing about all over the internet like;
Jill Scott
Despite the criticism I’ve heard, I like both records…[the end]
I didn’t even KNOW Drake had a first album!
I initially got the CD because it was:
1.       Used, which means I got it for a reasonable price
2.       It has my all time favorite Drake song on there…”Fear”
I got Alicia Key’s “Songs in A Minor” cause let’s face it, it’s THE BEST album she’s come out with.
So yeah, these CDs were DEFINALTELY good company on the ride home.
Even though I didn’t stockpile on clothes, I got a lot of footwear.
I tried to be practical in my choices, thinking about my 9to5.
But some high heels did sneak their way into my shopping bag…Ooops.
My last and FINAL purchase I am sooo utterly proud of.
This week when the zipper broke on my EXTREMELY knock-off Louie, I KNEW it was time to upgrade to what I call a “grown woman bag.”
I had set my price range to no more than $60, but (unless you buy/rent online) you are not going to find an authentic, genuine-leather bag for that price.
But, I wasn’t going to pay over $200 for a bag either or settle for something in an out-of-season color just for a discount.
Long-story-short per my brilliant mother’s suggestion, I found myself stopping at the Tanger Outlets in San Marcos, TX. on the way home to browse the Coach Outlet.
I ran into a sales-lady that was EXTREMELY helpful…
I mean, quote your price range and she’ll show you bags that fit your individual style but won’t break your bank, helpful!
I mean, quote prices on the spot of three or four bags you have on your arm at the register so you can make an informed decision, helpful!
This is what I came up with for myself.
IMG_1550 IMG_1545 IMG_1536
Something inconspicuously chic.
You gotta either be an expert or look closely at the bag to tell it’s a Coach.
I didn’t want anything too branded.
It’s versatile. … not too big and not too small and there are compartments, but not too many that I can’t find my stuff.
And it’s classy. ..The silver hardware gives it just the right amount of edge!
The bag is worth $300.
I paid a little over $140.
I know I did a whole sphill about not buying into the hype of designer bags and stuff, but maybe there’s something to coming of age and desiring more quality in certain things.
We’ll see how this baby holds up as opposed to my Sam Moon bags.
BTW, the Coach Outlet also has a website…ANNNNDDDD they email cupons.
Click the word "website" or the pic below to go to the outlet {website}....
My mom also gets their cupons in the mail.
So If over $100 is too rich for  your blood for a purse, you might get one for less expensive online…
I know I’m going to DEFINITELY browse and see if I can find a wallet and other colors I like.
[the end]
Silver Metal-Rimmed Shades: Lane Bryant

 University of North Texas Tee [my Alma Matar]: Walgreens Denton, TX.

Black Leggings: Forever 21+

Black Flops: Ross Black Leather Bag: Coach!

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  1. That is a hot jumper, i love the leopard print clutch!