Saturday, September 10, 2011

Stupid Blog...

Looking myself in the mirror and asking, “Really?! Who does that?”
So I went home a week ago today.
I had a love-er-ly trip and am looking forward to doing it again ‘round Thanksgiving time.
I had the luxury of riding in a rental car all that weekend as well as part of the workday on Tuesday.
My initial plan was to text my boss and ask if he minded that I come in a little late so I could return the vehicle to Enterprise at 7:30am when they opened.
I’m sure he wouldn’t mind, but I like having the SATISFACTION of knowing I’m one of the first people in the building.
So I kept the car until after work and returned it.
I combed the backseat of the car fairly well collecting stuff that fell out of my cousin’s purse from when we went out that weekend.
I almost left my Drake CD “Far Gone” in the player. But I got the lady behind the counter to give me the keys so that I could retrieve it.
What I left in the hatch back of the car was much more precious though!
Not only did I leave it, but I drove away without it.
I went to school without it.
I took outfit pictures after class without it.
It was not until I went to upload my outfit pics from my digital camera to my precious belonging that I realized I didn’t have it...
Where I left it!
Enterprise was closed so I calmed myself down saying to myself, “I’ll just go get it in the morning.”
I actually arrived there early and caught the same lady that checked the car in from me the day before, as she was entering the building.
I yelled out of my car window my concern and she summoned me to wait “just one minute.”
The longer I waited, the surer of the verdict I was.
My precious laptop and my Clear Wireless air card were gone on to Glory.
They’re faithfully serving some other person now. … No doubt.
It’s a good computer.
It’s a Toshiba and to me they are the BEST laptop PCs on the market.
Sure it has scratches in the plastic around the keyboard, and the battery died long ago so you have to plug it in the wall to use it, but it’s a good computer.
I hope it makes the person I gave it to happy.
Of course, I wouldn’t be taking this so well if I wasn’t getting another computer tomorrow.
It’s kind of like getting your car stolen…
Once you get over the SHOCK of losing your belonging, you can look forward to something new.
I pretty much found a replacement.
And instead of a wireless air card, I’m going to purchase the mobile hotspot from Clear Wireless this time around.
That way I can use my cell phone and a wireless printer.
How cool is that?


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