Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Combat K.I.S.S. 10.18.11. ...

"Sometimes looking your best is not wearing the outfit that will inspire envy, but wearing something that is just well put-together."
When I got dressed today, I thought about the presentation I'd be giving in front of the class tonight.
I wanted to be prim and proper and wear a dress, but nothing would come together with the dress I had in mind.
So...I made the decision to successfully go about my morning routine and be on time for work today instead of fussing over my wardrobe.
This K.I.S.S. outfit was a product of that mindset.


It was a LOVELY day today.
 In the past, where there was remnants of the morning humidity on every layer of skin that showed pretty much,  today there was a NICE breeze...Which inspired the weather to be more tolerable for these pictures.
And the remainder of the day.


As I was editing, I couldn't help but giggle at some of the odd poses I tried.  [I gotta work on my facial expressions. I'm not really as mean/pissed as I look. But every bit as fierce *wink*]


I absolutely fell in LOVE with these boots when I saw them on clearance in the store a while back.
They are actually 1/2 a size too big but when I left the store and saw them still there a couple of weeks later, I KNEW they were meant to be mine.


The color just takes a shoes that are "rough around the edges" and softens them up a bit, making them more approachable...

Gold-Toned Studded Hoop Earrings: Beauty Supply
Striped Top: Express
Leopard Belt: Wet Seal
Jeans: Old Navy
Peanut butter-Colored Combat Boots: Wet Seal
Red Cardi: Wet Seal
I am also wearing my Ettienne Aigner bracelet!



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