Saturday, October 22, 2011

How'd you get THAT in them jeans?


I had a friend in collage who tried on jean, after jean, after jean.
What I thought looked PERFECT on her slim and upside-down spoon-shaped frame, she despised.
And when she damaged the leg on one pair, she cut them and made them into capris.
(You all remember that trend? Cropped capris?)
I understood being a broke college student and wanting to salvage your clothes.
What I didn't understand was why it was important for her to have her clothes fit like they were made with her in mind.
Didn't she know that mass-produced textiles are SUPPOSED to be touch and go?
I grasped the concept about mass production with my large bottom and small waistline.
I had to wear a belt with most of my jeans because finding some that didn't gap in the back was a non-occurrence with shopping.
For a long time, I opted to wear my pants baggy, (with tight shirts), so I didn't even know my size.
When I found it, I still had issues.
Comparing my curves with my friend's who had a smaller frame, I felt because she was WAY smaller than me the options for her were limitless when it came to a nice-fitting pair of pants.
I was wrong then, and I am wrong now.
How do I know? Because I too have found the motivation to find nicer-fitting garments.
I am now motivated more than ever to find what works for me and what does not.
And I am running into the same issues my friend did back in the day.
Here's what I know.
Because of my body-type, I can wear a wide range of sizes.
You think that would be a good thing.
Sometimes it is.
And sometimes, it's not.
Because I am short and I like cutting edge and trendy clothes, I can wear Junior's Sizes.
Because I am petite, can wear a smaller size up top, and dabble in simple-chic, I can wear Misses' clothing...they probably fit me the best.
Because I am thick on the bottom, I can wear plus-sized.
 But let me just say that from the standpoint of a person with a 5'3 frame, most Plus -sized clothes seem to be made for people 5'5 and up.
But with all the choices I have, it has been hard to find a nice pair of jeans.
My closet is plagued with "That'll do" bottoms that I got on sale and they didn't have my size so I settled for the next size up.
Or bottoms I haven't yet parted with after I went down in size.
Because my butt and thighs are quite full, I can wear some of my 16's and 18's after a good washing
But I suffer from this phenomenon that my pants fit TOTALLY different at the end of the day from when they did at the beginning.



The jeans I wore Friday were even sagging in the bottom by the end of the day.
Not TYPICAL for all this wagon (pronounced waggin') I'm draggin'.
So all this week I was on a mission to find some pants that I can live in for a while.
I decided to post pics, via my camera phone of my journey.
Let's Talk Brands.
I tried on: [Astericks indicate I bought a pair]
American Eagle Outfitters Jeans

American Eagle

Pros: Stretch/Roomy, Variety of styles and colors, Reasonable Prices
Cons: Poor Coverage in the Back, Limited Short/Petite Styles
Aeropostale Jeans:
Pros: They FIT, (meaning I could pull them up)
Cons: Most of their jeans are low rise, which gives me poor coverage
Style and Co. Jeans (Macy's)
Pros: Trendy, come in Petite Sizes
Cons: Poor Coverage in the Back, Narrow in the legs for trouser jeans



Pros: Variety of Styles, Cuts, and lengths
Cons: The store (Macy's) was sold out of the Levi's Curve ID in the style I needed and the size...
Old Navy:

Sweet Heart

Pros: Trendy, Stretch, Reasonably Priced, Variety of Styles and Cuts
Cons: Trendier Styles don't come in Short/Petite, Flare Jeans are too Narrow, Trendier Jeans are Low Rise, Don't Maintain Shape Over Time
Jeanstar (JC Penny)
Pros: Affordable, Comes in Trendier Styles, Roomy
Cons: Poorly Made, Thin Material, Won't Maintain Shape, Too Long
*New York and Company Trouser Jeans
Pros: Trendy, Well Made, Comes in a Variety of Lengths, Affordable, (especially on sale)
Cons: Could be a Little Higher in the Waistline, Needed More the store that is...


Pros: Stretchy/Roomy, Trendy, Variety of Styles and Colors, Affordable
Cons: Minimum Variety in Lengths, Thin Material, Skinny Jeans.  DEFNATELY NOT FOR WORK!



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