Sunday, December 4, 2011

... Even when you don't feel like it ...!


I have been sick all weekend.
I have a history of asthma.
I grew out of it for the most part.
But every year as the weather changes, it flairs up.
My nose gets stuffy, my throat gets scratchy, and somehow that sinus build-up gets in my lungs making it hard for me to breathe without wheezing and coughing.
The wheezing gives it away...
It sucks because even with me being sick, life had to go on.
I still had to submit my presentation and turn in my paper in class Thursday night.
I still had to make hours with clients on Friday, but I went on and took off after I typed my notes.
I still had to complete my take-home test from my Tuesday afternoon class.
I still collaborated with a classmate to help her complete an assignment for a class we share and compared notes on our take-home exam for our other class.
I still had to be an adult.
My mind drifted to the thought, it would be nice to have a man around to take care of me and baby me while I was sick.
The closest thing I had in the past was one guy buying me Williams Chicken and he sat with me in my illness.
Another made me Theraflu, which actually kept my symptoms at bay for a while.
But talking to some people I know who are in relationships, they [men] don't really help you much when you're sick...they can barely help themselves...
I digress...
Still having to be an adult, was the point of this whole post.
And today, before I went and bought meds that help with my inflamed lungs, (I hope), I decided sickness should not be an excuse for me not making sure I take care of myself.
I unknotted my hair, oiling my scalp and flat-ironed it smooth.
I used Blue Magic Coconut Oil
And Bio Silk,
Which the latter has been wonderful at helping to keep my natural hair, [which is getting puffy from new growth] blended in with the hair that's sewn in.
I used my Tree Hut Shea Butter Scrub in Almond & Honey in the bath, which exfoliates the dead skin and makes me [my skin] oh so soft.
[ I also have the Body Butter which I got both at good ole' Wally-World]
I did all the other details of self-care that I have neglected because of sickness.
I even repainted my toenails black to match my gel-nails.
Essie's Licorice is what I used.
And... I AM going to work tomorrow. Who else is going to get my hours for me?
I am not 100%, but with the medication I bought today, I should be headed that way.
Sometimes being an adult is about rolling your sleeves up and getting ish done even when you physically don't feel like it.
What tasks must you complete even when you don't feel like it that let you know...Ahh Adulthood is calling...?


  1. First let me thank you for for the style ideas that you left on my post. I will get crackin on trying to re-style the outfits. Much appreciated.

    I know what you mean about being sick. It's the worst! But I'm a mom of a 6 & 12 year old. That doesn't stop for a second while sickness is trying to take me down. Hubby doesn't really do much for me when I sick, but get takes care of the rugrats, which I guess in essence is doing something for me =D.

    Then of course there's work. I can take a day or two at most. But I have to be back in the mix asap.

    Adulthood is great, isn't it? =/

  2. I'm glad somebody knows where I'm coming from.