Saturday, December 3, 2011

This weekend my shoe addiction was once again validated. ...

My Steve Madden Moskow Pumps in Coral came.




They actually had been in the front office for some time now, but I am just now going to rescue them.
I know I know, shame on me.
These babies were going to be my submission in the Sexiest Heel Contest at the High Heels for Hope Charity Event I attended a few weeks back.
To my despair, they didn't get there in time and I showed up too late to enter the contest...maybe next year...
I am going to make it my business to stuff these incredible shoes in my baggage to wear to some events back home that I'll be attending during Christmas break.
Yes, I will be stunting in these shoes like one stunts in a cute pair of shades...
Does anyone use that phrase anymore? "Stunna Shades."
I was thinking of possible pallets I can rock that will make the shoes the center of attention.
These are colors and silhouettes I came up with that I think play nicely with coral as well as the shape of the shoe.




Orange Collage

Decisions, Decisions!


  1. Those shoes are SUPER sexy!! For some reason, I am drawn to the blue and magenta color palettes for them.

    OAN: No one says stunna shades anymore. LOL!!

  2. I had an additional pallet I wanted to consider that I may add later. Someone on my other site voted Magenta too.

  3. I am most in love with the green set, those dresses are darling and those jeans yesss

    great post!


  4. I know, I can just see me in that neon skirt rocking these shoes! Thanks for commenting.

  5. Hey there...those shoes are HOT! I am also leaning on the green. That dress and skirt are must haves.

    New follower!


  6. I know right! I have my work cut out for me to find an outfit for my holiday vacation.

  7. Thank you all for following my blog.